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By probably_the_ex_now - 18/08/2009 08:04 - United States

Today, my boyfriend introduced me to his family. They were drinking and having fun, so I joined in. I had one too many, got really goofy, and then suggested the farting game. "Sorry, I can't hold my liquor!" I quickly explained. My boyfriend's mom shot me a cold look and said, "It's non-alcoholic." FML
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YDI for being an idiot even whilst not intoxicated.

this further proves my theory that usually being "drunk" is all in your head.


YDI for being an idiot even whilst not intoxicated.

blargity 0

she was probably intoxicated because she thought it was alcohol if people convince themselves about something like that, it can be really powerful

tyhillman 0

That's true, in most studies that give the patients being studied either vodka or tonic but told it's vodka/tonic depending on what they get; they act as if they are drinking what they are told.

Which is exactly my point. People who are influenced by what people tell them, instead of actually getting intoxicated, are idiots.

its called the placebo effect, dude. look it up on the net

I know what placebo effect is. But people who act drunk when they're not are stupid. And usually annoying.

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YDI for thinking you were drunk

akalisser 0

YDI, not for being drunk on a non-alcoholic drink, but for even allowing yourself to act overly drunken. Even if they served alcohol, do you still think it would be okay to announce that you aren't responsible enough to know your limits?

This. And even if you couldn't handle it, why would you get that drunk and act stupid the first time meeting them?

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When I drink I only act like I'm drunk when I feel drunk, if I drink a lot and don't feel drunk then I know there's something wrong.

#109 That's effect is called Vodka. *lol* XD

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i agree, if you get "drunk" off of nan-alcoholic drinks, you are retarded.

Don't look now.... but you have shit-for-brains too.

This is totally something girls do too (acting drunk) so they can go wild and blame it on the alcohol. *Cue Jamie Foxx song*

dudeitsdanny 9

Don't blame the OP, I can't hold my orange juice, either =) OP: YDI 100%

I dont know about that, I REALLY wanted to get drunk and was drinking mixed vodka drinks, but it didn't happen. Guess I'm not a light weight. Haha.

lunalovegood_fml 0

agreed, blargity. it's like felix felices

Lunalovegood, I love your name, and I love your Harry Potter reference :)


uhm 87 no ones going to consider their self image when drunk XD

This is the true reason why marijuana is illegal.

kay_jay 5

actually, you don't lose nearly as much control high (on marijuana) as you do when drunk.

TheCalendarGirl 5

Um that's not true at all, have you ever been high?

tctheamazing 7

But I guess spelling the word "imagine" incorrectly doesn't qualify an idiot.

In OPs defense, it was probably the placebo effect. I don't think the OP was consciously acting drunk. This effect can seriously be very strong, even to the point where 9/10 test subjects actually felt drunk after drinking flavoured water and being told that it was vodka.

Yes, after maybe one or two drinks you can convince yourself that you're tipsy even if you're actually not. But by the way OP described it, it sounded as though she had several drinks, and by that point you should be able to tell. The placebo effect only goes so far.

what kind of an idiot are you??? YDI! YDI!

avalanche719 0

How the hell can you have one too many of a non alcoholic drink?

Aah the old placebo effect. Gotta love people who think they're drunk.

Gotta love the placebo effect. Making people think they're drunk since 1799

this further proves my theory that usually being "drunk" is all in your head.

Hear, hear. Back in my dating days, a girl would barely have one drink and become a tiger, then blame the alcohol for their out-of-character behavior. You knew what they really wanted and alcohol was a convenient scapegoat. Ironically, I ended up marrying a mean drunk. Alcohol doesn' t make her horny, it makes her meaner and bitchier!

TheCashMan88 0

CAN it be all in your head? Yes. is that USUALLY the case? Depends on the person.

I agree with plexico. A drunk asshole is just an asshole with a lame excuse.

nodayliketoday, Shhhhhhhhhh! Not too loud. We don't want them to know we know, but alcohol turns the apparent "nice girls" into sexually aggressive *****. And we likeses our slutses!

haha plexico, I was thinking more about guys that get drunk and lairy and have fights. Or for that matter, women that get drunk and lairy and have fights. Alcohol as social and sexual lubrication is a wonderful thing and I wasn't insulting that ;)

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haha this reminds me of a CSI when the girl thought she was pregnant and went through all the symptoms like stomach growing a little and even lactating yet she was a virgin.. very possible. so maybe this is the same effect? but still shouldn't you be able to tell the difference... dont know havent drank alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages so dont judge what im saying... either way you should have held back on how you acted ... 1st impressions say a lot... and you said a lot.- literally.

172- or in glee when mr schu's wife thought she was pregnant

172- You mean to say you have never had a glass of water, milk, soda, or anything!?! I am positive you have drank nonalcoholic beverages before...

You're soooo ******* right. Same with weed.

You couldn't taste that there wasn't alcohol? Fail.

I hate the taste of alcohol, and dealcoholised wine tastes exactly the same as normal wine to me.

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Nervosity and insecurity can make non-alcoholic beverages work like a placebo as long as the non-alcoholic part is not revealed.

That's true, the placebo effect. Very good point.

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