By krfenton8 - 11/01/2016 06:49

Today, I had a bad feeling about walking to work because of the weather. Instead, I drove. My car slid on the ice and I created a four-car pile up. All three of the other people involved have decided to sue me. I should've walked. FML
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That's not really your fault though. Cars do slide on ice. No one knows when it will happen.

You should probably never trust your gut again


You should probably never trust your gut again

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You can never know what'll happen when you go out of your house in the morning. Sorry op.

if op's gut said walking was bad why would a 2 ton car be better...

Well if the weather was bad outside, would you rather take a vehicle that protects you from it and gets you to your destination faster, or be exposed to the environment? Op was probably concerned about their health and comfort. What happened to them was just an unfortunate accident

a car protects you from the elements, but you'll need that seat belt to protect you from the car...

I wonder where OP lives. If it snows and ices often, they should really have chains or studs for their tires. And if it doesn't snow often they probably shouldn't be driving in it :/ Hind sight is 20/20, though. Good luck fighting those cases, OP.

I can tell you that at least in NY, chains are banned (or at least were, last time I lived there). You instead use snow tires.

I grew up in Pennsylvania and never had chains or anything. I just learned to be very cautious, and if the weather was too bad, to just not go out at all. It's not worth it.

My sister just moved to Alaska and had to get chains for her tires so that's why I said that. I've lived in the south all my life so I don't know anything about what you need to drive in the snow. I just never drive whenever it happens here.

I guarantee you that chains are not banned here. Considering the amount of snow we get, they're often necessary to travel anywhere.

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Well at least you're okay though, right? I mean, you wrote this.

That could mean he broke every bone in his body except for those in his hand.

I feel like the FML would've mentioned that as that would've been more of an extreme FML situation.

is it really your fault though? abit unlucky if the law works that way

Yeah it would be his fault, if he lost control of the vehicle it would probably go under "Unsafe driving for road conditions" happened to my cousin like that.

My sister got charged with unsafe driving because her car hydroplaned during a flood and she hit another car. I don't know if they can sue over it though.

I had an accident* on my motorcycle, here in Florida, and the cop ruled it no-fault because of bad weather conditions. *I was going around a tight right turn, and fishtailed into the oncoming lane, where a guy was heading my way, and essentially T-boned me.

Wouldn't it also be the other drivers at fault? There's no details to this crash but I'm assuming this wasn't a multi-lane highway because OP is alive. It seems to me that the other drivers clearly didn't have enough stopping distance to avoid the crash, and therefore are at fault.

It doesn't say who hit first. I'm guessing since the OP slid, they lost control and hit a stopped vehicle in front of them, which caused that vehicle to hit the next vehicle forward, etc.

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You can sue over pretty much anything, just doesn't mean you'll win.

I wonder if they salted the roads yet I know in my neighborhood they haven't

This FML doesn't say where OP is from, but I do know that it is illegal to salt the road in most states in America.

Pretty sure it's not, or there would be a lot more accidbets

The only thing more annoying than writing some variant of "First!!!1!" is doing it when you're, say, sixth.

Wow. NO ITS NOT but can you just imagine how amazingly cool you'd be if it was? The women, the money, the fame it would bring. Jesus, set higher goals in life and get out of mom's basement buddy....

That's not really your fault though. Cars do slide on ice. No one knows when it will happen.

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As a driver, you are supposed to drive safely within the conditions - if it's icy, leave extra space and drive slower. Yes accidents happen, that's why we have insurance. Pileups should not happen, clearly all drivers involved were not driving safely - as in, likely following too closely.

If you know how to drive on ice and snow it won't happen. Apparently OP didn't, in which case it will happen. I hope their insurance is copious and current.

It's not like it was randomly icy though - OP actually noted that the weather was bad enough that it could be dangerous, and for some reason drove anyway, actually choosing it over walking. : /

#8 I hope you don't drive... FYI there is always someone responsible in any accident. If you hit someone's behind, that's you.

I know, right? It's so mysterious! One moment you're driving along thinking about how icy it is, and the next you're skidding into three other cars. It's like cars have minds of their own. (eyeroll) But seriously, OP should be thanking their lucky stars they didn't kill anybody (or themselves). This is a textbook case of careless driving. I weep for humanity seeing that #8 is a top comment. Nobody who thumbed this comment up should have a driver's license.

Pretty sure road conditions factor in and you could use that to defend yourself

At times like these, I like to remember it could always be worse. I know it's not the most sympathetic thing I can say, but at least you still have health! Hope that this passes you by fast, and nobody was injured terribly. Take care.

1st, get insurance. 2nd, get winter tires.

3rd, travel back in time, which might prove difficult it OP's time machine is car-based.

And if it's not a Delorean. Or a hot tub.

I don't know where OP is from, but having insurance in the Netherlands is mandatory. If you get sued, because you don't have insurance I only can say: you deserve it.

I do have insurance, they're suing me for the "whiplash and other medical reasons" that they have. They're all three friends and work together at the same law firm.

They won't get anywhere. A judge will drop that as an accident and make your insurance cover their medical issues, which is the reason you have insurance. So they can't sue you to cover their injury costs. But, why were they able to hit you? Seems like following too closely to me. Also a traffic violation. Had they have been following at the proper distance for weather conditions, they could have stopped. Accidents happen, you were insured, don't sweat over it. I'd say practice driving in the snow some, but no matter how much you do it, anyone can loose control in ice and snow.

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If you have insurance they will end up suing the insurance company not you. It happened to me a few months back. The only way you would have to pay is if the amount they settle on is over your policy limit.

That being said, it amazes me how frivolous many of those lawsuits are. I have a story regarding that: A couple years ago, my mom was taking one of my brothers shopping. At the time she drove a pickup truck (a 2001 Chevy Silverado 1500 with the extended cab, in case you were wondering), which can be a bit tricky to park at times. That being said, she accidentally knocked the driver's side mirror off the car to her right. The owner was in the car at the time. He was fine, but pissed. My mom handled the situation responsibly: She offered to cover the damages, but still exchanged insurance information. The guy contacted the insurance company and got his mirror fixed, and she thought that was the end of it. However, a few months later, he took her to court over "injuries" sustained in the "crash". Remember that the extent of the damage on the guy's car was a broken mirror. The car bodies themselves never once made contact. And still, he claims that he brought back chronic pain from an old neck injury by sharply turning his head, despite being fine at the scene of the accident, which is bullshit in it's own right. She spoke to my dad, who has chronic back and shoulder pain, following the ordeal, and he agreed. And yet despite all of the aforementioned holes in the guy's case, he still managed to get awarded $3000 in insurance money. It's crazy how far some people will go to avoid work, and make an easy buck.

So I'm assuming the vehicles you hit were in front of you