By JulieKid - 04/05/2009 17:19 - United States

Today, I stepped out of my car and slipped on a fresh coating of ice on the ground. I tried to catch myself by grabbing the car on my way down, but unfortunately, I was trying to grab with the hand that was holding my car keys. I key-scratched my own car. FML
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Okay, let me explain it. The OP started to slip on ice, and tried to prevent herself from falling by grabbing the car. Unfortunately, the hand that was grabbing the car had the car keys in that. This means that the OP, when making grabbing motions, effectively scratched her car with the keys, causing a "keyed car" effect. OP fell and damaged her paint job. And other hemispheres have winter at different times than others, so it's possible for the OP to be somewhere snowy.

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Except Iowa is in the northern hemisphere. Lol.


Umm I must be a dumbass...but I really get don't this. Are you more upset that you were gonna slip or what?

*hands #2 a "get" to make his comment a sentence*

^Wahaaa...I fixed it before I saw your post. Thanks, though. But still, this FML doesn't make sense to me. *sigh*

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Wow, that ones gotta hurt.

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#1 get a life and yea FYL

AHHH whateverrr you all get what I'm saying. It's FINALS WEEK. Can you blame me??? BUT YEAH. I STILL ***DON'T**** GET THIS.

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#7 and # 8 I just successfully accomplished my goal in life, so now i can die happy. Thus, there is no need to get a life.