By Anonymous - 10/6/2020 23:10

Great guy

Today, my husband has been super happy for the last 11 weeks, as he's been able to tell me what to do, when to do it and how to do it. Now I'm allowed to start work again, he's gone back to being super shitty. FML
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  chyiochan  |  30

Probably because he's working and she's not, so he gave her a honey-do-list daily and she in turn felt like she had to listen to everything he said to make up not being able to work.

Yeah, if you can't work you should do more things around the house so your working spouse doesn't have to! But does OP's husband have to be an absolute asshole over it because he doesn't hold some sort of high ground over her? It wasn't OP's choice to lose her job, and a balance in taking care of chores and responsibilities is normal. His approach is not and neither is his nasty superiority attitude.

By  J15237  |  19

sounds like it is very much time for you to go back to being super single. Screw your husband and enjoy your life. find someone who will treat you right.

By  Mary Margaret  |  3

This is domestic abuse. Pure and simple. You need to find a safe way to leave. There are domestic violence hotlines and shelters that can help.

It might not seem so bad when you are in it. But once you get out, you will realize just how much abuse there was.

Hide your money, make a plan, leave.

Abusers get worse if they think you are going to leave and right after. Be safe.

His behavior will get worse. You are not safe.