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Today, I walked to the end of my driveway to pick up the newspaper. I read the front page that was talking about people who have been getting hurt from slipping on ice. Laughing about that thought and walking up my driveway, I slipped. FML
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@totem you mean a skinny person can never slip and fall? it'll do you good to do a little less judging.

The quantum force of the gravity times multiplex fathoms pushing down on a fat person causes inertia at mass capacity times neurons to make fat people more vulnerable to slipping on ice. Its very simple actually.

@alexandraa are you trying to make yourself sound intelligent by using random complex terms? I'm not a physicist but I do have a science background and "mass capacity times neurons" makes no scientific sense considering neurons are the cells in your brain. Grow up and stop targetting fat people. As though they don't have enough issues of their own already.

Well let me just stand up straight and adjust my tie, I forgot this is the no fun zone. Everything said must be taken seriously to the tenth degree. Jeez.

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Lovingamylea: What the hell are you even doing on this site? Alexandraa: Your first post equals absolute brilliance. ******* hilarious. OP: The front page article is a story of people slipping on ice? That's truly a sad newspaper. And I thought the one in my town was bad... [FireStarter]

Well thankyou, atleast someone appreciated it :)

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Lol well said, and I've studied science for a long time, and all they said was random terms

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@28. I liked it, too, alexandraa. I know enough physics that what you said is TECHNICALLY BS, but I have enough of a sense of humor to suspend disbelief and laugh at it. You should see what happens to some of these tight-asses when you speculate about facts not in evidence. They pounce on you like we're in a court of law and not at a supposed entertainment site.

@alexandraa, and everyone else: I thought it was funny too, until I got to the part that mocked fat people -then I just thought it rude. If you had said "... (your funny nonsense) would have made them equally vulnerable..." people would have still found it funny. No, I'm not fat and I'm in the perfectly healthy weight range, thankyouverymuch. I just don't think it's fair for people to mock fat people. How come underweight people never become the target even though so many of them look like they have an eating disorder? We're not all perfect. You wouldn't want people to be targetting your explosive acne/ small ****/ big nose/ whatever else problems you have. Do unto others if you would have them do unto you.

Jackster1020, that was good I lol'd, haha. Lovingmyamylea- Underweight people do become the target of mockery? Anyones slight imperfections gets them knocked, but you learn to either drown in sorrow, ignore it or find the humor in it. It was an obvious joke I would think to most and I only referred to fat people because I was going off what #15 said. In its obvious vague humor I didnt expect anyone to take any part of it serious = not trying to be hurtful. perdix- Tell me about it! I'm now beginning to see that. :/

Hahaha I love when people fight about scientific laws. :)

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Although i agree that it is rude and mean to discriminate, to make assumptions and to "pick on" larger people, i thought i would say, this is going to sound silly, that neurons arent just brain cells. There are millions and millions of neurons all over your body. Thought i would clear that up. :) :)

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What goes around comes around. I feel like an dork saying that but this is proof it's true.

First things first.....ur the idiot for laughing y othe peoples funny problems, and this is no fml :D

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He who laughs first never laughs last.

he doesn't deserve it, but this doesn't really FYL, just a bad case of irony.

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Double Irony! #2 calls the OP an idiot but, their post is full of fail!