By SqueakingRetard - 17/01/2014 23:28 - Canada - Barrie

Today, I was walking home from work, when I slipped and fell on a patch of ice. I clambered back to my feet, made it three feet, then slipped and fell again. A guy who'd witnessed the whole thing stuck his head out of his car window and yelled "Dumbasssssss!" FML
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He caught you slippin.

And then his car slid into a ditch.


He caught you slippin.

Bitches be trippin


She should drink less often

The guy was an ass. Don't sweat it.

How could she sweat when it's freezing outside?

ass + sweat = swass... just sayin'

...just sayin' what?

no hes an asssssssssss

OP's name reminded me of that squeaky voiced teen from the Simpsons. Maybe it was him :O

And then his car slid into a ditch.

Your climbing a slipperly slope

Cadillac4427 8

well no .....he wasn't on a slope ......

Haha OP you just made my day so much better (: and be careful. Don't want to hurt your tail bone

maybe you should be more careful dumbasss

I immediately thought of Red from That 70's Show when reading this comment xD

well op has just told us her side of the story.. maybe she was walking with high heels on and slipping or something, which is a pretty dumbass thing to do.. I mean why would the guy call her a dumbass just for falling... we can't make any assumptions without knowing the whole thing...

I hope your back is ok!

I hope the ice is ok :(

I hope your nails are ok

PattonGilette2 18


Good Lord I hope you're is one slippery slope to injury...

As they drove off screaming; Cobra-la-la-la-la!!