By TheMike23 - United States - Winter Garden
Today, I went out with my mom to a restaurant. We were sitting down to eat, and a waitress walks over to our table and asks, "How are you ladies doing tonight?" It really was a nice thing to ask, for my mom. As for me, being a man, not so much. FML
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  tiger820  |  20

that's what I was thinking. it's one thing for a boy to be confused as a girl cause he'll be handsome. but when a girl looks like a guy or vise versa your fucked......

By  negb  |  30

My boyfriend and I went to PINK at Christmas and the lady came up behind us and said "can I help you ladies?" And my boyfriend turned around and said "wow that was harsh." She was so embarrassed but we just found it funny.
He has long hair but he's a pretty big guy and was wearing baggy clothes so I think she was probably just not paying attention. Same probably goes for your waitress, OP.

By  vegantreegirl  |  26

Yikes. Sorry that happened. When I was a waitress I learned real quick not to mention genders. I avoided saying miss or sir and NEVER said Maam as many women would act like you're the devil incarnate for calling them that. I just say "how are you?" or "How can I help you?" etc