By Bex98 - 11/01/2016 08:17 - United States - San Francisco

Today, I was out with my brother and his group of very cute friends at a Cheesecake Factory. When the server came to take our orders, she asked me what kind of sauce I liked. Like a complete fuckwit, I blurted, "I like creamy white stuff." The guy across from me choked on his water. FML
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Bex98 tells us more.

So, this is my FML. I'm not sure if it's verified, because I keep forgetting my passwords. Like a complete ******* haha. But anyways, this answer was prompted because I asked the server to describe the alfredo sauce, and she said: "It's creamy and white." Also, the FML about the veteran and his pickup line was also mine a few months ago, and of course I didn't have an account when I posted then either. Also, my brother did not willingly hang out with me haha. My family and a few other families were travelling together, and the teenagers, who all happened to be friends of my brother, went to eat together.

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Bet that's not the only choking that occurred

good replies, they cum and they go.


Bet that's not the only choking that occurred

I see what you did there?haha

My thought exactly xD

Nice Profile Picture

good replies, they cum and they go.

Yes, but far too quick most of the time. Now, must wait for the flood to end so they lower those protective gates.

At least you told the truth

I bet your brothers friends will ask you to cum again!

That will be a great inside joke later!

My friends always laugh at me when I say stuff like this. Or they would... If I had any friends.

yenze 18

This comment made me laugh more then it probably should have

this feels like a Timmy dad meme in the making.

FML will always be your friend.

same here lol

I would be your friend :)

Just a question out of curiosity, your brother let you hang out with him and his friends?

LOL what? it says it right in the post. why are you confused?

Hes confused because no brother would ever let his sister hang out with his friends

I meant like did her brother willingly let her hang out with him and his friends?

cosmicdancer84 7

what's wrong with that?

In all fairness, #7 thought correctly. The OP said he didn't willingly let her haha.

mds9986 24

There's nothing wrong with liking creamy white stuff.

Like clam CHOWDAH.

Ranch Dressing, Mmmm

MasterTron 24

Mayo nuff said

exactly, Freddy mercury liked it so what could possibly be wrong with it?

bnbhimp 10

Sounds like a euphemism for ***********

or sperm ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I'd laugh it off.. don't worry about it. :}

BDA_fml 5

Hey, one of them might take you up on that!