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Today, I got screamed at, threatened, cursed, and spat on by an elderly couple for "running them off the road". I was driving an ambulance, lights and sirens on, with a 4 year old in the back who couldn't breathe. They were going 20 in a 50mph zone for 2 miles straight. FML
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RainbowHeadache 2

& this is why I think the elderly should have to retake drivers Ed.


To be considerate of people in critical health, since it could just as easily be them.

Old people are just walking sticks about to die. They shouldn't be on the road.

Agreed, old people shouldn't be allowed to drive. They're dangerous -.-

Yoyolol_fml 3

51- what about teenagers huh?? We can be classified as dangerous behind the wheel. Next time lay off the stereotypes please

Not all old people are bad drivers. But I do agree that most of them are less suitable for driving because of the many problems and complications that come with old age. This is why some countries/states have laws which require those over a certain age to take a proficiency test before they can resume driving.

My grandpa is the exact opposite. He drives a Lamborghini and kills the stereotype.

Lludes 5

I absolutely agree with this. Some elderly people are a danger to themselves and others behind the wheel.

mrredkneck 2

It's not that they are bad drivers it's that their reaction time isn't very fast

I get really annoyed really fast when it comes to stupid drivers. I've had one go 10mph in a 45mph zone, and about 75% of the people that do that are or look like they're over 65 years old.

Those old ******* create an image that all old people are grumpy and make everyone else as miserable as they are, as a matter of fact there are many nice old people out there!

Teenagers will probably improve. Fossils are only going to get worse.

"Teenagers will probably improve"? You want to compare teenagers ten years ago to now? If we stay at the rate we're 'improving'...

kcd159 0

It could more then likely be them. Since they are old and what not. They should have moved!!!

I simply wish to know, at what age would one be considered "old" and not allowed on the road?

Also, when said "old person" reaches said age I believe that they should have to take a test to see if they're in a state of good physical and mental health for driving

erikaa916 0

and yet another reason why elders should not have their license.

guyfawke 5

how did you hear the context if what they said? did you stop to exchange insurance information? stopping would be counterproductive, so unless they phoned you, you just proved that you are more concerned for insurance information from someone who deserved it, than a not breathing four-year-old.

#233 I don't know how it is in the states. But in Canada once you reach age 65 you have to do a yearly vision and knowledge test. To make sure you are safe behind the wheel still

Grammar Nazi incoming. In the fml isn't it supposed to be 'breathe'?

FYLDeep 25

Relevance Nazi incoming. In your comment, wasn't it supposed to be relevant to was said before you?

FYLDeep 25

Way to remove the comment above me so I look like an idiot. Thanks mods.

Anyone who put he deserves it deserves to die...

I picture a horse and buggy, is that strange?

How in the world could OP end up in that position? Elderly couple must have ENHANCED LUNG CAPACITIES as well as SPITTING SKILLS OF DOOM

If they were parents or grandparents of that 4 year old and rushing him to the hospital, they would run people over to get there.

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In the English language, when the gender of a person is unknown, it is gramatically correct to use masculine pronouns. Better than calling him an 'it'

Zackaray 0

You idiots are missing the point. The question was, "Did he make it?" Regardless of the use of the word, "He", you knew the question was about the child, no? Stop being a prick, and leave it be. Plus, it is a very common thing to call a person a "he" when you do not know the gender, regardless if "There are more women in the world than men."

aruam365 24

OP likely doesn't know if the patient survived. They'd only know if the child died on the way, or immediately after arriving at the hospital. Paramedics and EMTs job is to keep the patient alive until they arrive at the hospital, once hospital staff take over, the paramedics and EMTs leave to go on another call. In case my knowledge of the subject is tested; my sister is an EMT, and I've spent quite a bit of time in hospitals, I'm becoming a nurse.

Coming from my perspective as a 20+ year paramedic, I usually try to find out the outcome of all of my critical patients. My follow-up is paramount to my own quality assurance. It lets me know what the differential was and if I was on target. It allows me to gain more experience and insight in the event I have similar future calls. Also, lay off the kid, it is a normal, HUMAN characteristic to want to know if the child survived.

170, Since I doubt the elderly couple hindered the child's progress in hospital it really doesn't matter what happened after the arrival. People want to know if this pair of self involved assholes caused a death with their stupidity.

@ - 123 Actually, you can assume either gender pronoun, just as long as you remain consistent with what pronoun you are using to refer to the person.

I hope so too. Also people like that should not be driving on the road. Some people are so ignorant now.

I like how people ask these types of questions and expect op to answer.

212- it's not totally unheard of for OP's to comment on their FML's.

RainbowHeadache 2

& this is why I think the elderly should have to retake drivers Ed.

chell1894 13

Thank god in Florida they do. Seriously I am so for at a certain age elderly retaking their drivers test. I have had dozens of close calls due to 60+ pulling out in front of me like 10 feet ahead, swirving, etc. I know my grandparents shouldn't be driving..

FYLDeep 25

Yeah, Florida is like America's retirement home, so if there's any state that should have a law like that, it's Florida.

RainbowHeadache 2

I didn't know any states did that. I've had quite a few problems with them myself.

I'm all for it..I've had way to many close calls due to them not looking...

Personally, I think everyone should have to retake the driving test every five years or so. The further one gets from the time he/she passed the test, the more one seems to let slide.

FYLDeep 25

#210 - I know your heart's in the right place, but that's just way too many trips to the DMV. That place is hell on Earth. Old people should though. For them it's not just a matter of carelessness, it's a matter of being physically incapable of being sharp in the head enough to handle driving.

You like to ask questions. Lol very well then, ask away lol ;)

Yes! Hell yes, kick the non-driving ******* off the road. I don't hate old people at all but for gods sake most of them cannot drive.

yesyesnonono 10

It makes sense! After all, you have to renew everything else. Such as first aid courses, health card numbers, your license plants, your passport, etc etc

Look at 221's pict. Quite obviously another mans semen on his chest.

Or at least be evaluated more often after a certain age

EliteSoccer6 0

god damn !!! this is what service people get? trying to save peoples life and get scream att ??? REALLYY!?!

Screamed at, spit on, punched and kicked. Just another days work. We don't do this for the money or the glory (it doesn't exist). This is the price we pay keeping a lid on the garbage called the general public.

minidinosaurgoes 9

And watch you become their ambulance driver when they get hurt

Agreed. And they will die in the back because you "Don't want to run people off the road".

dinoluvsrawr 2

That's not an excuse to kill someone D:

Question, if the OP was in a rush, how was there time to stop for the stupid people??

It's possible he was near the hospital and they followed/came across him again. Either that or OP might have returned to explain the situation to them.

I've seen some psycho bastards in my time. If they get that pissed off it's not a surprise that they'd follow the vehicle and harass the driver once he got to the hospital. You really shouldn't underestimate the elderly.

diidiimi 10

If they followed with intent to harass, could they then be subject to arrest for obstructing the emergency services?

smoke_eater05 0

Failure to yield to an emergency vehicle. I'd call the local police dept

AshleyCole 0

What the ****. Don't worry they'll die soon enough.

my2centsworth 15

The law requires that drives give right of way to emergency vehicles. Did you call law enforcement to take care of the non compliant driver? How did they manage to spit on you? I can't imagine that once they were out of the way you stopped to have a conversation with them.

That's what I was thinking. This FML just doesnt quite add up