By Ouch - 14/07/2009 02:25 - United States

Today, I thought it would be sexy to cook dinner in lingerie. Today, my boyfriend thought it would be funny to scare me while I was cooking. I jumped and burned my boobs with boiling cooking oil. FML
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Cook and lingerine?! Those two words together in the same sentence? He had it made until then. Now all he'll be seeing is the dark walls of his doghouse. FHL


YDI for being a stupid bimbo. Redundancy intended for emphasis.

zakkyzebra 11

wouldn't you still get burned with normal clothes on?

yeah, but it's lengerie. it was supposed to be sexy. it probably got straight onto her boobs.

That's what you get for not making sandwiches.

OUCH that must've hurt X_x FML indeed!

Nooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! Precious boobs got burned, that sucks so much. What kind of queer boyfriend decides to scare his girl while she is cooking in lingerie? He should learn to be more suave and sensual. I would have gone for the ****. FYL

HamsteronA 0

next time, don't cook, make him a sammich!!!

skullbashd 3

lol 120 that's funny it's wrong and sexist but it's funny

anything that can splash, i dont cook naked but toast etc. ofcourse.

AntiChrist7 0

is he gay? because if i saw my girlfriend cooking in lingerie, scaring her would not the first thing that comes to mind.

Hehe LMAO But no, he's probably not gay. Sometimes guys do stop to think about other things than sex (amazingly)

STVader 0

#25, that is utterly false. And you must be a girl.

guinness_fml 0

#34, astute deduction. I agree.

Nope I'm a teenage guy, and I don't really think about sex that much Not all of us are horny sex addicts

thereitgo 1

Lmao! That's funny! But on the bright side he can play a doctor.... ;) hahaha

MadaFaka_fml 0

totally gay!! YDI for sucking at wat u should do best, cooking. U won't see a guy hammering his hand when surprised, more likely smacking the one surprised him! ooo and also u cracked me

tubaguy42 0

so you're saying gay people don't think about sex as much as straight people?

If you must know #55 I'm bisexual, bordering on gay But anyway, you're stille extremely ignorant. Gay/straight/bi men don't think about sex any differently. I'm just a fairly unsexual guy. Honestly, people have different sex drives, and if you really believe that every man out there is a horny bastard, then more fool you

*claps* Thank you very much. My fiancee's not a very sexual person either. (He is when he wants to be, lol)

Emi_chan 0

#52 Thanks! All the guys I've dated have been assholes. XD I'm glad to know at least there are some good people out there. XD

Why would you cook in lingerie and not atleast wear an apron? No matter how sexy you want to look, it's completely idiotic to not wear atleast an apron. YDI.

Apron + lingere = hawt. Apron + no lingere = zomfgroff. The last "f" is for "fapping".

kandi_shop_xoxo 0

what the hell is zomfgroff???

chrisgllgs 0

i think it means minus the z ohmyf***godrollingonfloorfapping lol

lol that sh^t is making me laugh. xD flapping!?! xD

alliemi 0

Not flapping, FAPPING. Internet slang for masturbating.

We get that. No said flapping, though.

Seti_fml 0

Your boyfriend has obviously never been in a kitchen before... that's just not the sort of thing you ever do while someone is cooking something.

Cook and lingerine?! Those two words together in the same sentence? He had it made until then. Now all he'll be seeing is the dark walls of his doghouse. FHL