By sammyxoxo - 18/12/2011 08:32 - Canada

Today, I stepped into a pile of dog shit on my doorstep, along with a note saying, "Keep your dog out of my yard." I don't own a dog. FML
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Yep. You beat everyone and their sgitty puns.

If your going to poison everyones minds with a terrible pun, the least you could do is spell it right.

Torva_fml 16

I can't get tour sgitty comment out of my head.

eyeIoveyou 4

does anyone else check how close together the words on a keyboard are when somebody makes a mistake? :]

drawmesunshine 17

46? Ejsy str upo ysllomh snpit!

You know damn well what I be talkin bout!

I think I figured this out ur future neighbors own a time machine and came back to get they're ultimate revenge

Liimitless - if you're going to play Grammar Nazi, at least have the courtesy of using the correct form of "you're", using an apostrophe in "everyone's", and spelling your username correctly. Jesus ****.

Wow, the troll got fed by an FML celebrity. Lucky troll.

GrammarNazzzzzi 6

35 - words? My keyboard only has letters

lovinit5683 0

My keyboard doesn't have only letters, for example it has the word "enter."

There's alot of shitty comments today :D

35- I already know where all the keys are. I don't have to check.

DocBastard: Thank you! There is nothing more irritating than someone correcting another person's grammar while simultaneously using improper grammar themselves!

When the comments are funnier than the fml...

Sweet bro. Bet that felt really good. **** you.

That pun was about as shitty as your spelling..

Take it back to their house and say "keep your shit off my doorstep"

Where does it state the OP knows who put the shit on their doorstep?

coolcaarlos 3

Ha ha ha. I am dying in laughter -_-

Lmaooo I would LOVE to see their reactions if that happens!

farnsworth 3

Go take a fat shit on their doorstep and leave a note saying its not dog shit

unitedfan11 0

I agree with 71 but light the shit on fire and ring the doorbell. Then watch as your neighbor stomps on a flaming pile of shit.

wipe it on the knob on their front door and say "i dont own a dog."

drawmesunshine 17

Figure out whose yard it is, and shit in it.

ahah have fun cleaning that off ur shoe..

builditbetter09 3

I'd go wipe my shoe off on their ****** doormat and throw the shit all over their car.

I wonder how many people are gonna make shitty puns?

Not really. What he said wasn't a pun. And there are a few others, including 1(despite his spelling error) who have already done so.

Wow, I didn't even realize that I had made a pun LOL

xSonic 9

52.....yes that is a pun. One person might think he meant shitty puns as in horrible puns, while another may think that he was saying shitty puns as in the 'Shitty situation' puns we read all the time

they were being proactive because they know one day you will one day own a dog

Yeh you never know like maybe in a week he might get a dog in a week you never know

Did u happen to read ur comment b4 u posted it?! Lmfao

Return the favor, OP...with a note that reads "That's my shit, I don't own a dog". Escalate!!

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He has a Cockerspaniel though.

bitchslapped22 14

It's going to be one shitty war