By serveandprotectyeahright - United States
Today, a cop almost rear-ended my car, slammed on the gas with no warning, swerved around me, flipped me the bird, then cut me off and then drove a full ten miles under the speed limit. When I changed lanes to overtake him, he pulled me over for road rage. FML
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  5t3ff1k4h  |  44

Uhm, just because he's a cop doesn't mean he's God. It also doesn't mean he can get away with everything. Just because they enforce the law doesn't mean they can change it to suit them. Yes, a complaint should be made.

I'm sure in this case, as long as it followed the rules of the road, it was safe and appropriate to pass the cop. How is passing road rage? It isn't unless the person passing the cop yelled something obscene or flipped him the bird. Passing him is not "running him off the road".

  wwerulez14  |  6

Yeah Steff, you have a point.

I'm sure if you fight it hard enough OP and can make a good argument, maybe they can make that ticket disappear seeing as how that was a bullshit ticket anyway.

By  zemo999  |  0

Never should have taken his bait, you won't win playing his game.
Should have gotten the car or plate # then contacted MORE than 1 agency about the incident.

  5t3ff1k4h  |  44

They can't usually get away with breaking the law to catch a criminal, either. Just because they enforce the law does not mean they don't have to follow it. There is always someone in a higher position than you that will tell you there are rules to follow.

Msbetsy - You clearly don't know a thing about the law. Police officers and other law-enforcing figures have to follow it too. Are you saying it's not okay for someone like you or me to kill someone, but it's okay for an officer to do it (for the reason of pure dislike towards the person, not because they were trying to "catch a criminal")?

  H3ALTHFR3AK  |  0

well it's impossible to know if they were being sarcastic or not without them telling us, so it's pointless to argue about it who's right.

ill add that u should try out st johns wort, it's an herb that can help you relax.

  5t3ff1k4h  |  44

Once again, don't advise me of anything I "need" in my life. I'm perfectly fine. Apparently disagreeing with you and making a point requires me to "calm down"? No... I'm not yelling, screaming, crying, what have you.

You're proving my point that it's impossible to tell when there's sarcasm. Like I said, I can usually read into it, and 99% of the time, I'm right. In this case, it's not possible to tell, so you shouldn't be arguing with me and trying to tell me that it's a sarcastic comment when you just admitted it's not possible to tell.

Keep your "health freak" comments to yourself. Kay, thanks.

Bugger off.

  H3ALTHFR3AK  |  0

I am referring to comment 32 in which u told 13 that they "clearly know nothing about the law" this statement was based on their potentially sarcastic comment.

because u seem to require detailed explanations, I did not say u were wrong because they were being sarcastic. I'm saying that u are wrong because u didn't consider the possibility that they were being sarcastic.

u lost, but feel free to comment back if u have something intelligent to say.

  zemo999  |  0

Cops have to follow the law?!?!! Look up Hope Steffey on YouTube, or search for the Chicago cop that beat a woman bartender...for a half hour...