By _whyy_mee - 02/07/2015 18:00 - United States - Pittsburgh

Today, my neighbor yelled at me for driving recklessly. I was going 35 mph, and she was stopped in the middle of a road around a blind curve. My "reckless driving" was slamming on the brakes so I wouldn't hit her. FML
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Only her is living in her delusional world of "ms perfect and everyone else is at fault" ignore her.

Your neighbour is an ass, but you're still not the safest driver around, not if you're driving that fast around a blind curve.


Only her is living in her delusional world of "ms perfect and everyone else is at fault" ignore her.

mds9986 24

I'm not going to skirt around this issue. Turning a blind corner at 35mph IS reckless driving. If you think it isn't, you're a fool. Having to slam the breaks for anything means you weren't being careful enough. You're giving people the idea that this is ok to do and if someone happens to be around the corner and gets hurt, it's their fault? No.

My understanding of the FML was that she was stopped in the middle of the road, not the curve, so, that means that OP could have increased their speed after the curve.

mds9986 24

If it was after the curve, and the neighbor was stopped in the middle of the road, why would OP speed up if the stopped car was visible after Turing the blind curve?

Read what you typed again.

mds9986 24

Obviously the car is visible AFTER turning. Maybe you should read it again? The FML clearly states the neighbor was stopped and OP went too fast around a corner she couldn't see around until it was too late.

I agree on mds on this one. Assuming OP was on normal roads, speed limit is likely 35 or 40, and going normal speed limit on a turn is careless. One should slow down a good deal on turns, especially on blind turns.

ChristianH39 30

While i agree that its always wise to slow down going through any turn you can't see around, being stopped in the middle of the road in one is both asking and deserving to get creamed IMO.

mds9986 24

Turning a blind corner at 35mph isn't really smart in the first place.

Depends on the corner. Not all corners are the same

mds9986 24

Are you stupid? If you can't see around a corner, you don't turn into it at 35 mph. Really, is that hard to understand?

I live in Ohio, most corners are "blind corners" because there's tress EVERYWHERE. should I slow down from 45 to 10? That's more likely to cause an accident.

I live in ohio too and I couldn't agree more.

mds9986 24

39 - if you hit somebody coming around a corner at that speed, it's your fault. So, go ahead and hurt someone because you don't want to slow down.

Yeah you do. You dont slow way down just to turn a corner. 35 is slow and gives someone enough reaction time to brake, and that's what op did. For example who turns a corner at 20 mph when there's no signs suggesting to do so. Do you even drive?

I love that you completely disregarded the fact that slowing way down could cause an accident.

mds9986 24

58 - that's what break lights and signaling are for. You really don't know what you are talking about at all. Do you really think I meant to go from 35 to zero in a second without signaling? Wow.

XxReddragonxX 7

sounds like old drivers

Some people are just rude. Sorry about her OP, hope you don't have any more bad encounters with her.

Ignore is the key..point is everyone is safe

Your neighbour is an ass, but you're still not the safest driver around, not if you're driving that fast around a blind curve.

That was my first thought too. I hate to say it but at that speed if the neighbour hadn't been stationary OP could very well have hit her.

What if 35 is the speed limit and the curve is safe to do the speed limit on?

It's not safe if it's a blind curb, even if the speed limit is 35.

tantanpanda 26

curve* most "blind" curves are 20 mph max. you usually brake to 20 while following the curve and you accelerate back to the speed limit once you can see the road again. some roads with less curvature don't require you to slow down, but those aren't exactly what you would call "blind curves". If it's truly a blind curve, it's a ydi, but since I wasn't there, I can't really give a good assessment of whether OP deserves it or not.

Gaernem 17

I guess it depends where you are, but when i lived in New York blind curves were sometimes 45mph. That's in an area where the normal speed limit was 55mph.

Out in the country the speed limits are 110kmph and the roads are full of blind corners. The only reckless person is the neighbour for stopping in the road.

Some people will complain about anything.

Sounds like a lovely women aye?

juststephhere 23

It sounds like she wanted to get hit...