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Today, as I was driving to work, I witnessed a kid apparently getting jumped. Being a good citizen, I got out and started yelling at them. I ended up alongside the kid in the hospital. FML
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Aw thanks for trying though. It's good to see!

You did the right thing, don't worry about it. Karma/fate/God/whatever you want to call it, will take care of the jumper.


Aw thanks for trying though. It's good to see!

5- not if you don't know who beat you up...

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27, I've heard of people pressing charges against other people trying to be good citizens in certain medical situations, but I don't really see how the parents can complain if the OP did in fact stop an assault in progress on their child (assuming the attackers turned their efforts towards the OP). Can you explain?

two words 33 , medical bills.. nobody wants to pay for an injury that someone else caused to their kid.. so they try and stick the blame and cost on someone else , even if they were trying to do the right thing.. it's a ****** up world, I'm glad I live in Canada:D

35, But I mean legally, OP never laid a hand on the kid (assumption, maybe he tried to help him up, etc). I understand that the parents may not want to pay the bills, but what legal standing to they have to sue a person who physically did not harm their child. If anything, OP stopped further harm and therefore a greater medical bill...and now has to pay his/her own in addition.

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I live in Australia, that country with Medicare, which means, NO BILLS. Except for an ambulance, that's ***** gay.

Well look at it this way. In California a few years ago, a burglar was injured in a break in when he fell down some stairs. He sued the owner of the house, and won. -_-

I don't see how that would be legal either. If I were the owner of that house, I would have immediately appealed the decision. Unless there is some other evidence that is withheld, like the owner pushed the man down the stairs (and I don't know the laws against protecting yourself against home invasions in CA), then again, I don't see the legality of the situation. Just the stupidity of the court, and the people involved.

Nope, the guy just tripped and fell down the stairs. The owners weren't even home. I think the reason the burglar won, is because he sued him for unsafe conditions or something totally stupid like that.

^ care to give us a source, link to a reputable news story on it? otherwise I'm just gonna have to assume you've watched the movie Liar, Liar one too many times.

Actually I have heard about that story on the news, I don't have a source but I know it's true

There was an FML similar to this a while back. Guy fell through OP's skylight and sued the OP. And won. He was a burglar.

47- They have a song where it includes that incident. It's called I'll Sue Ya.

That's why I like living in AK. If someone breaks in, I can legally repaint my walls with grey matter. As long as I shoot to kill, not to maim. If you shoot to maim, it's jail time. OP, good for you! Trying to intervene, that is. Who knows, if you hadn't he might have ended up in the morgue instead.

Take kick boxing or judo that helped when I was jumped by 3 mexicans

You did the right thing, don't worry about it. Karma/fate/God/whatever you want to call it, will take care of the jumper.

Yeah maybe you can help that poor kid get over this.

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I wanna joke about this but I can't think of anything to say

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The FML implying you are an adult, I don't really feel bad for you. Exercise your Second Amendment rights. Or carry a damn knife. SOG. Spring-assist. Yes.

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Would be better if OP made whoopie on them.

Can someone explain this to me? I'm really confuzzled about whoop and whoopie...

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That was a gang initiation. You're now a member of the Anal Asylum Gang. Bend over and spell R-U-N ten times for phase two.

Is this particular gang run by Buttsexpirate?

Only ended up In the hospital my initiation was * shudders * much worse.... Someone hold me

Well apparently good deeds don't go unpunished. The world is a twisted place.

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What hero?! He ended up in the hospital!!

The kind that always gets beat up first? Like Batman Beyond.

yeah.. You should have got others to help cause I'm guessing you were still out numbered, but nice going!

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You did the right should be proud! If there were more people like you in this world it would be a much better place!

good job for sticking up for them and just out of old were they?

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Does the harsh reality that you're not in fact a Ninja warrior hurt worse than the injuries?

Does it hurt you that you are going bald?

I had a similar notion minus the ninja thing; seldom do people truly understand what's involved when it comes to actual violence. Oh and 19...? 45...? It may have been a crass comment, but your responses are even worse: childish and uncalled for, not to mention completely off-topic. I sincerely hope all three of our comments are vaped/moderated for being off-topic.

#100. You, my friend, are being completely off-topic telling them they're off-topic. Besides, all 'dumb' comments have reactions that are. You mad, bro?

does it hurt that u dont have friends because your mean? America not really; being intelligent and good looking *really* compensates. However, outside the US... yes. Yes. Absolutely; it's soul-crushing.