By todayJman03 - 22/12/2009 13:03 - United States

Today, I gave my wife her anniversary card. She started to giggle then walked in our bedroom and came back with the exact same card from last year. This is the second time I've done this. FML
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thinmint 0

that is so flipping cute that you accidentally did that!


yea, its better than her being mad on ur anniversary day. she giggled- thats a good sign. but learn from this cuz wont be giggling on ur 3rd time, lol

You forgetful spaz If you put in no effort You receive no ass

If his wife has a sense of humor about the cards she probably did lay him for being so unintentionally cute. I would :)

agreed with 60, as well as the fact that the op seemed to feel guilty or upset for doing that, that enough is grounds for forgiveness

melanie177 1

It's okay, she only giggled...

letitbe56 0

This should be a MLIG. You have a wife who giggles when you do this rather than yells!

letitbe56 0

Wow, mods, when I used the phrase "MLIG" I was saying that the OP is pretty lucky to have such a cool wife, not suggesting that the FML doesn't belong on the site or whatever you guys get upset about. Y'all need to chill out.

Ya, the only comments that don't get moderated of mine are puns. I am apparently not allowed to be serious, but good thing i like joking around...

Well at least she didn't yell and complain. So yeah not an FML.

Ok, where did you meet your wife? I need to go there to meet women. Your life is awesome.

thinmint 0

that is so flipping cute that you accidentally did that!

lmao good card?? :) that is pretty adorable and hey, it's the thought that counts right.

at least she thought it was cute! that's too funny though!

guckylynn 19

key words were that she was giggling. this is not an fml

shadowkiss13 0

i think she is a nice person but u are kinda slow... no offense