By Anonymous - 18/10/2010 16:01 - United States

Today, it's my two year anniversary with my wife. She's celebrating the day with her new boyfriend. FML
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Sell her belongings before divorcing her.

then I guess your anniversary gift to her will be divorce papers...


Sell her belongings before divorcing her.

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in a non lesbian way ( I am straight) you have a beautiful body and I am happy for you learning to love it. hope that's not creepy:)

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Go celebrate by finding a new girlfriend

YDI for it being your two year anniversary with your wife. She's celebrating the day with her new boyfriend.

oooo I feel bad for you OP :(

Shitty deal

#15 lol loose a tiny bit more weight and yure perfecto!:D

#96 I think your an ass for telling her to lose more wheight and she would be perfect... I think shes pretty the way she is... not everyone has to be super model skinny.

She needs to lose a lot of weight. What are you talking about? In fact, so do you. Go put some clothes on. Even if you were average weight (not "super model skinny") I'd still bash you because you're seeking attention by posting half naked pictures.

106 is correct.

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Agree with Freeze !!

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So THIS is full retard...?

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3 way? anyone??

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at least u should know where she lives

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Love is in the air. Or in this case, between your wife's legs (hopefully ex-wife soon).

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Looks like the apple is rotton after all :( sorry OP

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hmm sounds like a guy i know who is married to a trena

then I guess your anniversary gift to her will be divorce papers...

See, this just supports the "women are dumb whores" stereo-type.

And this supports the "men are brainless assholes" stereotype. Well done, shithead.

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I was just about to say that, #10! This also supports the "men ONLY think with the head closest to their feet" stereotype ;)

I'm a woman, "shit-head." Jesus. Reading all the FMLs on here made me realize how stupid some women are.

This supports the "women are manipulative geniuses" stereotype.

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See, stereotypes are never good. Well, sometimes, but it's rare. That's just my opinion.

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Ya all men can't keep it in their pants! woman manipulate people everyday! woman are ALWAYS victims of cheating! Asains dicks are tiny! see how stupid I sound?

14 just fucking OWNED 10 and 12. xD

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24, you're an idiot. 7, sad. Women are stupid, yet you're one? You're an idiot for stereotyping women based on FML.

She said that this story supports the stereotypes that women are dumb whores, not that women actually are dumb whores. Comment #14 was just gold. Basically women doing the same thing getting slapped in the face. But somehow they were thumbed up... wtf

Renvy, I'm man enough to admit it when I get schooled. You just schooled my ass. Hard. Well played, madam. Well played. :)

ohthebloodygore 16

Freeze, I know. I just enjoy calling people idiots.

Fortuitous 0

Indeed. Well played game by all. There was no need for any defenestration whatsoever.

@27: Welcome to Fmylife, where facts die, and stereotypes lie. I'm not going to fib, sometimes, this place really makes me lose faith in life. It's not the actual FML's most of the time, it's these mindless comments...

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21- Are you a caveman!?

KiddNYC1O 20

Oh, and 14 did own.

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aww man, I love defenestrating people!

Ohh, FML.. How I love thee.

It's amusing how even after it was explained that the commenter was a female, the comment saying men are assholes remains thumbed up. Screw you people.

Doesn't matter if she's female.

you deserve it for not being smart enough to know she's fake!

Seriously?Dude he loved the woman if he married her please keep your obscene comments to yourself that was just rude

Sucks to be you. I bet he gets the anal that you don't.

and POP goes that booty.

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YDI , Shouldnt have married a you know what *****