By Anonymous - / Monday 18 October 2010 16:01 / United States
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  jpest17  |  5

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  KiaBabyy  |  0

#96 I think your an ass for telling her to lose more wheight and she would be perfect... I think shes pretty the way she is... not everyone has to be super model skinny.

  Freeze_fml  |  16

She needs to lose a lot of weight. What are you talking about?

In fact, so do you. Go put some clothes on. Even if you were average weight (not "super model skinny") I'd still bash you because you're seeking attention by posting half naked pictures.

  Freeze_fml  |  16

She said that this story supports the stereotypes that women are dumb whores, not that women actually are dumb whores.

Comment #14 was just gold. Basically women doing the same thing getting slapped in the face. But somehow they were thumbed up... wtf

  Hughmadd  |  0

@27: Welcome to Fmylife, where facts die, and stereotypes lie.

I'm not going to fib, sometimes, this place really makes me lose faith in life. It's not the actual FML's most of the time, it's these mindless comments...

  Freeze_fml  |  16

It's amusing how even after it was explained that the commenter was a female, the comment saying men are assholes remains thumbed up.

Screw you people.

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