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Pics or it didn't happen.

Are you sure they are fleas and not crabs? You dirty dirty girl..


were a pad or something when you sleep, and sorry for thread jacking

Pics or it didn't happen.

I knew someone was gonna say it.

and it wasn't me... damn

Should've checked it before sleeping in it. ydi!

Agreed, that person is unreasonable and an idiot.

#3 why the hell would he check HIV bed for fleas?

op is a she dumbarse

Was that english #63

Are you sure they are fleas and not crabs? You dirty dirty girl..

ummm eww that wold suck id probably faint no wait first id scream then id faint cause i cannot stand bugs

"pics or it didn't happen?" oh yeah baby let me see you covered in fleas you sexy mutt!

hahah epic win bitches(:

well id be happy i wasnt wearing clothes cuz then itd prolly be pretty hard to get them out of the clothes those things stick like nobodies business

Fleas generally dont stay in clothes. If you've got fleas in your clothes you've got a problem, but just run them through the wash and you'll be fine.

haha anddd you didn't notice thiis before?? hahaha smoothh

haha and you would know how?? haha :)

interesting, how did you find out?

because he was bitten genious! ohh sorry ur a blonde... how about: the little bugs on his bed were hunwy so they drank his blood. he was left with boo boos all over his body.

lmao boo boos you went mad hard

Op I a girl idiot.