By ThanksMum - 14/02/2012 11:56 - United Kingdom

Today, the only card I got for Valentine's Day was in my mother's handwriting, and she posted it through the front door herself. She still won't admit it's from her. FML
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At least you got anything at all.

Exactly! OP shouldn't even be complaining.

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Roses are red Violets are blue Poems usually rhyme This one doesn't Btw Op I'm at home with the flu and my mom never gave me a card.

I usually get a card from my mom every year. Don't think I'm getting one this year..

If it was a box of chocolates, THAT'D be a different story...

A100893 30

I love getting stuff from my mom, I know she loves me. :') Your mom loves you, appreciate it while you still have it.

At #2- did you get anything? Cause if not I have plenty of money to get you something ;)

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That's good, she loves you! I find that very cute , actually (:

So2011 4

At least OP got a card. And if it's not from her mom, it could be a secret admirer.

maybe her mom is her secret admirer O.o

Me? Thank you sir/madame for agreeing with me. You see, this whole time i've been telling everyone about me inventing the lightbulb, the AR-15, and the iPod. No one believed me, everyone thought I was crazy. Thank you once again for agreeing with me. Now I must share the secrets of my life and my newly found religion: Cynicalism. No turning back now. If you do, you will die a painful death...

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It's time to get freaky and do it like they do on the discovery channel

Maybe it's from the Easter Bunny, or Santa, or Sasquatch, or the World Series Champion Chicago Cubs, or any other fictional character.

Damn it I want to hate you right now for the cubs reference but I gotta admit it was funny

30 - you can't hate doc... that's like hating your own mother...

38 thanks for getting that into my head....

MeLuvBewbs 7

Look on the bright side! It's a nice thing your mom cared.

Seriously, that's what moms are for. My grandparents always gave me a box of chocolate for valentines day. But this year I'm across the country from my family, so I'm not getting anything. Instead of complaining, op should be happy.

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your mom will always love you. mine lives pretty far away, so I only get to see her once or twice a year. you're lucky, OP... I wish I could see mine more often.

perdix 29

Your secret admirer probably asked your mom to write the card for him. Too bad your mysterious lover is a bit of a wuss.