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Today, I texted my girlfriend a long heartfelt loving message for our 2-year anniversary. Her reply was just "K." FML
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Next time she tells you that she loves you, just respond with k. See how she likes it.

Why even text? Maybe she was expecting something a bit more personal.


Next time she tells you that she loves you, just respond with k. See how she likes it.

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Or do it in person rather than in a text.

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I've never been a fan of that kind of revenge. I would talk to her about it now to try and resolve the problem if possible, and happily accept a love note in the future.

Honestly , 2 years is a long time . She either expected more , like a really cute picnic lunch or a dinner date where you could've said those beautiful things to her . Although , a beautiful and lovely text is better than nothing . She should have been a little more appreciative , unless you didn't plan on seeing her today ? Take it easy OP . Definitely have a talk with her and find out the reason for her simple , cold reply . Something doesn't sound right to me . Good luck! And happy 2 year anniversary (:

kiss begins with "k" kinky has two k's. maybe she's planning something "kinky" for later that starts off with "kissing" at least she didn't dump you...

Reply back with, "JK lol"

@55 Are you satan?

I keep sentiments for face to face or phone when I can't do face to face. Whether very loving or blowing up. Not everyone believes in doing these sorts if things via text, social networking or chat. Granted, thank you or something other then k is more appropriate, I wouldn't get mad at someone if I did send them something that should really be done in person and I got k back in return, simply because I understand not all people are comfy handling moments like that through text.

Just make sure to screen shot the chat to have some backup.

Why even text? Maybe she was expecting something a bit more personal.

16, I laughed so hard

Either way, it's still rude.

I'm sure a breakup is on the way, since k is the shortest way to spell f***k you

#57- Actually, saying "Fuck you" is the absolute shortest way of saying "Fuck you". That being said, **** you.

When you speak, letters don't just float into the air so no, it's still "Fuck you."

Why should it matter on how the message was delivered though? I mean, if my boyfriend was to text me a long heartfelt msg on our anniversary, I will be over the moon. I think what OP did was infact very cute. Not all guys pour their hearts out to their girlfriends like that, it's just the usual, "I love you babe". So OP's gf should be happy to have a guy that's not afraid to express his love and how he feels about her without the fear of looking or sounding "pussy whipped". Girls these days just expect too much from their partners and materliasm shouldn't even be an expectation either.

He didn't say that was the ONLY thing he was planning...

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She's obviously getting the D from elsewhere, get over it and move on, ass-clown.

This is why you should do well in school. No one wants multiple Ds.

tis true. OP is jjust getting used now for money, housing or whatever else

Comments with unsupported statements followed by ass-clown is what the internet was built on. There's always a comment on all of these dating FMLs that say "Dump him/her!!!!". It's really irritating and irrational on most of them :/

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And time for a new girlfriend.

Unless she's like Manuell in Fawlty Towers and she doesn't understand English...

the comment we've been looking for guys. I was wondering where it was hiding :/

Clearly you did something wrong. Where I'm from, 'K' means a big 'Fuck You'. Or she just doesn't appreciate romance the way people should.

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My idea of romance is at least being called not texted.

It does not take much effort to come up with some beautiful lines, send them via text, and be done with it. This is why it is never a good idea to do emotional things over text. In my mind, if I mean the world to someone they will find a way to talk to me in person, write me a letter, or even video chat on Skype. It takes more to be that open about your feelings in real life. I would have said 'k' too.

maybe she didnt read it!

Maybe you're just a dumb ass.

Maybe you're just a bitch

"Heartfelt" and "text" are mutually exclusive in my mind. Want to tell her how your really feel? Pick up the goddamned phone and call her. Texting is nothing but impersonal, so genuine heartfelt messages shouldn't be sent that way. But that's just my humble opinion, and I reserve the right to be wrong.

No, Doc, of course you're wrong. Who doesn't like meaningless virtual words or Facebook anniversary posts? People are waaaay too advanced for simple true exchanges between loved ones. Get with it, Doc!

I might be on my own with this, but I hate talking about important things on the phone. I'm being honest about my emotions but I can't see my boyfriends face to gauge his reaction... If he sent me a text or email telling me that he loved me, I'd be happy. And I can look back at it when I feel down and remind myself that I'm loved. That's my point of view anyway.

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Or, you know, actually say it in person. Unless of course it's a long distance relationship, in which case calling would be acceptable.

Of course, given the digital shift, many people text where one would once have sent a note. Maybe OP was thinking of it like a love letter? Even cheesy sentiments look better in a handwritten letter, granted, but a phone call is fleeting, where even a text can be savoured again and again.

Maybe you should've told her in person?

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I hate that

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Why would you send it via text? Write it down or say it in person.