Today, after breaking up with my boyfriend, some of my friends decided to take me to a comedy club for a girls night. My friend's jealous husband decided he had to come along, then decided to invite my other friends' boyfriends. I ended up being the seventh wheel on a night meant to cheer me up. FML
By Anonymous / Friday 18 June 2010 03:20 / United States
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  MrLefty  |  8

that sucks OP. FYL for having a friend with a jealous husband who had to go to a Comedy Club on a GIRL'S night. jeez you'd think he'd be smart...

and how many of you wanna bet there's gonna be some "YDI for leaving the kitchen" type comments here soon?


Your friend should divorce her husband. If he gets jealous so fast, her life will be quite miserable in the near future. And in this case, it ruins yours or makes yours even worst. Who knows he might do that again in the near future and F another person's life.

And reschedule another GIRLS ONLY NIGHT OUT without telling that friend's husband the place.

  jade567  |  0

Yeah OP I feel your pain also. :( I was the third wheel to my friend and her boyfriend. they were kissing and hugging in front of me after my boyfriend broke up with like hours after.

  xXLenaXx  |  0

Wow. :| I imagine he's one of those husbands that goes mental if you wear a skirt on a night out... She should get a backbone and say "no" means "no". Unless it's an entirely different culture, you don't just let yourself be controlled. :


79: No, I can't. I literally cannot make it easier to understand. I tried, I really did, but the simplest phrases I could think of were used in the original FML. I guess you're stuck with Google and Urban Dictionary on this one.