By outagrand - 01/08/2009 14:08 - Australia

Today, I gave my mother a pre-prepared deposit envelope with my fortnightly wage in it, in cash. I tell her exactly where the deposit box is and what to do. I'm now desperately calling the bank because my mother accidentely put my $1200 deposit in the little trash can for receipts under the ATM. FML
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But you probably deserve it if you have her DNA.

who the **** doesn't have direct deposit?

YDI for letting your mom do you shit for u

well if your job involves getting tips then you cannot get direct deposit which would make sense in this case considering they said the money was in cash

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YDI for being a lazy asshole.

Wow, definitely FYL. And punch your mom for us.

Oh, ouch. Hopefully they got it before the trash was taken out.

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why would you give your money to your mom to deposit it and not just deposit the money yourself? YDI

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There are so many answers to that question.

Yes, but $1200? What could possibly happen that she needs to deposit that money ASAP and somehow can't do it herself? I say YDI for just not doing it yourself, until you can give me a REALLY good story about why you couldn't.

Yeah? My dad has me deposit checks worth upwards of five grand at a time because he has to work so hard he only gets about three hours of sleep on average. Family is supposed to be trustworthy.

What #49 said. It's one thing when people use your in place of you're, but when they make the effort to put in the ' and e, it makes it so much better.

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Hopefully you can get it back. Shouldn't be a problem.

you were just going to buy weed or hookers, YDI.

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minus the fact that OP is female... hookers wouldn't really be high on her list -.-

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How could someone mix up the deposit place with a trash can? FYL.

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k, y were u sending ur mom 2 do somethng u couldve done just as (if not more) easily?

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maybe her mum was going to the bank anyway... or maybe she was just busy and her mum wasn't... there's loads of reasons why...