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By Anonymous - 01/08/2009 14:08 - United States

Today, my girlfriend and I were having ice cream and I jokingly asked, "What's better? The sex or ice cream?" Apparently, I don't pleasure her like Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream does. FML
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So rub mint chocolate chip ice cream on your dick. She'll be all over it. :]

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Don't ask questions you don't want to know the answer to. YDI.


dude shut the fu*k up, it was obviously a joke.

calm down and how about you shutting the **** up and YDI but its hard to beat mint chip my friend maybe if you lasted longer than 10 seconds you might have a chance

Seriously. Grow some balls you dumbass. How many FML's are on here where the roles are reversed and a girl asks her boyfriend what's better, sex or video games? And then he says video games and she gets all bent out of shape. Roles reversed, same response: YDI for not having a sense of humor you twat.

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If it was Cold Stone, then I understand.

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dude Cold Stone ftw.. Birthday Cake Remix is the shit!

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mint chocolate is ****** awesome

Dude, idk what flavor you were eating, but mint chocolate chip is badass!!!

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someone needs a blowup doll to practice with xD FYL

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didnt u know that mint chcoclate chip OWNS!?!?! it doesn't own as good as turtles thou. NOTHING can own better than turles.

No, actually, better idea: bring the ice cream to bed. Problem solved.

So rub mint chocolate chip ice cream on your dick. She'll be all over it. :]

...while yes, that *could be* hot... it's also *definitely* cold. So very, very cold. And yet... *that* could be hot... Okay, stopping now.

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20- Some people use ice cubes in foreplay. The OP could also use an ice cream cone as a condom.

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That sounds... ineffective... at best.

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Yeah, it was a joke. I have a very tongue-in-cheek sense of humor. I hope to god no one would ever try that.

yeah that's a great idea I think any girl would be all over dicks if it had there favorite ice cream all over it.

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duh that's just what i was saying.. i jus didn't want to repeat, but yeah she sounds like a fatty!

Never ask that question, I said the same answer.

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Don't ask questions you don't want to know the answer to. YDI.

This is like the FMLs from women saying the men wanted sandwiches or some other food after/during sex. Whatever, either work on the motion in the ocean, watch some lesbian pornos and get some tips or as #3 stated lather up in Mint Chocolate Chip and have her go to town. Either way suck it up and learn from the situation.

for her birthday get her 250 gallons of mint chocolate ice cream, then call her a fat bitch who can't get laid.

She won't want to get laid after all of that ice cream. It is better.