By chappedchap - Kuwait - Kuwait
Today, we were notified that our office will be relocated. Employees can tag along but their wages will not be adjusted accordingly. The cost of living at the new place is way higher. I have to finish my contract and really can't afford to not have a job right now. FML
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  MandieL  |  27

I concur with 3. The contract you signed was for the job you have in its current location. If any part of that changes, the contract should be null and void. Unless of course your contract states possible relocation. Take a look at it OP, and possibly take it to a lawyer to look over. You may not be able to afford to not have a job right now, but if you can't afford to live in the new city, then you're kind of in the same boat either way. Good luck!

By  Utetopia2014  |  18

Wait wait wait. I dont even know what this means. For example, where my work is located has no bearing whatsoever on how much it costs to live at my place. But the way I read it is you live in the same building you work in? What do you mean "employees can tag along if they like?" Sure if the company moves office, the employees move with them? And when you say "relocate", do you mean to a completely new city? Or across town? Or even a new country?

Now, I dont know about Kuwait, but in Australia, if a company moves, employees dont have their wage adjusted to cater for a higher cost of living. If an employee is *requested* to move, the company quite often pays relocation costs. But not a higher wage (unless the move is a promotion).

But if its a more expensive part of the same city, while you can relocate with the business, surely you can commute from your existing place?

  ThatOneChick856  |  36

I'm assuming that since OP mentioned a contract that this is their career so the location and wage would be proportional. And since the company is moving far enough away that people have to move and OP mentions how expensive the new place would be, I'm assuming this means that they won't adjust the wages to reflect the cost of living in the new area.

  Jordiie13  |  10

Actually between states in Australia sometimes your wage does change depending on the cost of living. For example, teachers in NSW get paid more than QLD teachers due to the higher cost of living in that state.

From the OP's wording, it can be assumed they will be moving away far enough that commuting is not possible. (Even then, maybe commuting could become too costly for OP as transport can be expensive over long distances)

Also comparing work laws & pay in Australia to other countries is kind of silly. We have better benefits that unfortunately other countries do not, so things like relocating are not as big of a deal.


I don't know shit about Kuwait cost of living, but in the U.S, where you live is hugely important. You'd be better off in rural Arkansas or Wyoming making 40k a year than NYC or LA making 70 or 80.

By  aliciousness116  |  16

You should start looking for a new place beforehand, it'll give you ample time to look for cheap rent. Maybe if you can, try freelancing or something to earn extra cash so you can keep up with the standard of living.

By  RememberSchlitz  |  9

Happened to me too. New CEO's wife didn't want to move out of the city, so the company laid off about 900 employees and farmed their work out to India to move the engineering facility to a poorly converted warehouse in Chicago. Of the 200 engineers that were offered the 'opportunity' to double their cost of living with no increase in compensation, only about 40 went. Now, 12 years on, those of us who didn't go are far better off than we would have been had we gone. Go find a new gig asap.