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Today, my mom cleaned out my bank account, saying my "no-good dad" owes her child support and that she'll get it one way or another. FML
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I'm pretty sure she's not allowed to do that, talk to a lawyer OP

That money is supposed to go to YOU, or at least to taking care of you. This makes me so mad..


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I'm pretty sure she's not allowed to do that, talk to a lawyer OP

Does the Op's dad get hurt being called dad? If so.. 'no-good' is justified

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OP's dad isn't isn't making his child support payments, that's enough to warrant a "no good dad", no?

I made a reference to the drunk dad fml above -.-

The thing I don't understand is if OP is old enough to have a bank account, why is his or her father still legally required to pay child support?

Problem is this is in the U.S. where children under 18 (used to be 19 or 20 in some states believe it or not) are required to have a parent sign on to their bank account with full access. The child can still spend the money but is considered a secondary on the account and as far as the bank is concerned the parent is the one who owns the money. That means that while the mother is a giant flaming pile of rat semen, she's legally protected and the money can't be replaced.

67, not true for all banks. Where I work, you can own a bank account by yourself at age 16. And if you want an account at a younger age, you can choose who your "legal aged partner" is to sign with you. It does not have to be a biological parent. It can be a guardian, family friend, etc. as long as they sign responsibility over the account (this is in case you happen to have irresponsible parents like OP here). Also, for children's savings account, we require a minimum balance at all times to ensure no on wipes out the account and there are limitations on the withdrawals you can make from it. OP- depending on your age and type of account, you can possibly get your money back. The best thing to do is talk to your bank since their policies differ from other banks. From there they can help you make a dispute if you decide to do so. Best of luck.

Who says kids can't have accounts? Many banks allow them, and some even let the kid deposit and withdraw money as young as 15 (minimum legal working age here). However, the parent still has full access to the account until the person is 18 and asks to remove their parent.

That's the point, 71. If the parent has 100% access to the account, it really isn't 'solely' the child's account.

That's true 70. Some banks don't require it. But most do as they consider anyone under a certain age to be a liability to the account, so they hold someone who's legally old enough to have responsibility to the cutting board. Which can backfire if you have horrible parents who steal all your money.

wondering if her dad was the good parent.

just take the money back and make it look like its for you. "mom its child support. CHILD.......SUPPORT meaning you guys are supporting me.....not each other" >:)

you can sue her for that if she isnt connected to your bank account... im not sure if she is but you'll want to check that out... im sorry tho

if their mom whipped the bank account I can pretty much throw out the theory that OP would have enough money for an attorney.

Wow that's your money if you are over 18 tell the cops if your not I don't know what to do

I'm not sure if OP's mom was just getting money that the father owed her in the past, as the OP doesn't specify, but OP's father would not be having to pay child support if OP is over 18. Maybe they'll post a follow up and let us know more. (:

whether she is over 18 or not the mums logic makes no sense. If the kid works for the money then it's theirs. if the father has decided to give the money directly to the child there is normally a reason. my stepdad pays money directly to my stepsister because other wise her mum will use it to get her nails done or buy alcohol. the money is to take care of the kid. it's hers or for food and her part of the bills

That money is supposed to go to YOU, or at least to taking care of you. This makes me so mad..

I don't necessarily think that OP's bank account has anything to do with child support whatsoever. The back account seems like all money the poster has that he or she has attained from any and all sources.

The bank account has nothing to do with child support, but child support is supposed to be to spent on Op. The mom had no right to take your money.

Exactly!!! Pisses me off too. She's being selfish, child support is for the child, not the mother's selfish reasons.

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Agreed. There's a certain irony to this, but all the same I am enraged that this is happening. Have been in that situation, and it is infuriating to realize that certain health-related situations could have been helped/fixed early on if the money was being used properly.

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Your mother is absolutely insane.

She can't do that...but nevertheless she's still your mother so talk to her

Why is it so hard for some women to grasp that child support is meant to support the child! Not get their nails done or buy a new purse.

That's so illogical..."I need money to support you; so I'm gonna steal it from you"

To play devil's advocate, taking it from him doesn't mean it's not going to support him. She could have taken it to pay the mortgage, hydro, internet, etc. The money could still be used for things that need to be paid for the OP to have the life they're used to.

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If that's the case, she should have talked to her son and explained the hard situation they were in and asked him for his permission to either take the money or for him to help her out until they can get the child support from the courts. Which is what she needs to do. Contact the courts as well as the office for child support enforcement. She legally had no right to her child's money especially if he's over 18 and earning it himself. That is theft - "justified" in her eyes or not. The courts will not see it her way and she can get in serious trouble depending on what means she went to to obtain that money. I'm a mother and even I think what she did was wrong. Now, if things were so bad that I needed help I'd go to every means possible to try to get situation solved and turn to asking my child for help as a last resort but I'd go to my child and explain once get back support or other income I'd begin paying her back. I'd even get it notarized and take it to child support enforcement case worker and courts as a reason that the issue needs to be pursued add it's extreme hardship on me and the child and that could help the case get going faster - not to mention help the courts lean even more so in my favor. What the Op's father had done is not right and he does need to answer to the courts as to why he's breaking the law and what justifies those actions. Op- I'd talk to your mother to find out why she did it exactly and how then I'd tell her that you two need to go to the child support office together and to the court house in the county that the child support is supposed to be paid to and file for a violation of support order. If she refuses, go to your local police station to speak with an officer and ask them to guide you in correct path to right this wrong.

Although I do 100% agree with you, there's no way he's over 18 if we're still talking about child support here. There's also a good chance that she's on the account, which would make it almost impossible to charge her. On another note, I've known men who were supposed to pay child support, and every time the mother went after it, he'd quit his job. Eventually he just left the country. I'm not saying what she did was right, or that she shouldn't have asked him, and that she shouldn't repay him, I'm saying trying to get child support from a dead-beat is harder than pulling teeth from a lion. She 100% should have handled the situation better. My entire point was we don't know what the money was spent on, and it very well could have gone to something necessary.

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If the child turns 18 and child support is not paid in full then even if they are over 18, child support is still owed. It doesn't stop just because they turn 18, it stops when there is a zero balance

Why does she have access to your bank? Guess you just learnt the hard away about security of your personal details.

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Well if OP is under 18, then they most likely have a shared account. I'm under 18 and my bank won't let have my own account. I have to share one with my father.

In Canada parents can have signing authority until the age of 19, however, they cannot take funds out of the child's account without the parent present. Source: I work in a bank.

Oops I meant without the child present, not the parent.