By smoothcoffee - Australia
Today, the bank called saying we were late in the mortgage payments. I was puzzled because three months ago I issued a big cheque to my mum pay off the mortgage. I just discovered that she instead lost it all at the casino. Turns out, she's become a compulsive gambler ever since dad passed away. FML
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  superpanda24  |  0

That's weird. I was moderating the fml's yesterday and I saw one VERY similar to this. The same wording for the most part, and they spelt check the same way. o.o

  mtt9  |  0

This is shocking, and i find it funny all the Americans who are too dense to understand this. I hope that you and your mum overcome this!


Ignorance is lack of knowledge. I already knew that people from Australia and the UK spelled it as cheque and said "mum". They also say "bloke" and "mate".

  Intoxicunt  |  5

Yep. I'm Madam Intoxicunt, and she can have her own lesser nickname.

Actually, I was thinking of paying her for her services, but that works too. If I'm the "pimp" I get her profits plus free sex. Whoo!

  XOfiestypixie  |  0

I think he lives with his mother, and his mother said she was going to the bank or out to do some errands, so he gave his mother the cheque, not realizing she wouldn't ever take it there.


"Y'all" is Southern Dialect and/or Ebonics. I'm a whiteboy from the Midwest so I'm not sure what "y’all" has to do with anything. As for "sucker," that's street slang.

"Pop" is just what soft drinks are called. Plain and simple. If you go to a pizza place (a REAL pizza place - outside of Chicago, you guys don't know shit about pizza) and look at the menu is says POP not "so-duh!". If you go to a grocery store around here, you look for the POP aisle.

Face it. "So-duh" sounds fucking stupid. Hello kettle, the pot called and you're black..

  jonr93  |  0

Apparently you're superior because you use the word "pop" instead of "soda". Wow.

The word soda comes from Sodium Bicarbonate, a prominent ingredient in carbonated drinks.

The More You Know!*


Why not just say the name of the drink... most of the people i know (i live in australia) just say like 'coke' or 'sprite' or whatever. Or you can say soft drink. I don't know where that comes from though

  RobynL  |  0

#77, That's cause he's the president of the UNITED STATES, you dumb fuck. That explains why he'd speak American English.

The more you comment, the more you perpetuate the notion that so many (not all) of you Americans are delusioned with the idea that you're superior to everyone else. Hey guess what? Fuck you. yours is the country that's fighting to prevent a economic default. Superior my ass. Go learn some respect. And maybe some history- American English was derived from British English. Your English is the bastard child of Brit English.

  RobynL  |  0

One last thing: I find it hilarious that you keep criticizing the most minor of grammatical mistakes made by other people, and then decide to 'shake hands' with the guy who thinks 'actuals,' is a proper conjunction adverb. Good job (: