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Today, I was going to hang out with the girl I like, because she was leaving for the rest of the Summer. She had to cancel to go shopping with her grandma "all day." At 1 o'clock, she came online and told me how much fun she had with this guy I really don't like. She forgot that she lied to me. FML
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I can picture this as an FML from her view too, except hers would be a YDI. haha

At least you know that she's incredibly stupid. Keep that in mind if you still want to date her.


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more like fake, this is just like the one where he lied to get out of the GRANDMAS funeral.

yes, fake because if something happens, it can never happen again in the history of the world.

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Umm.. lots of people. Grandmothers love to buy things for their grandkids.

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Going shopping with your grandma is like being a little kid at the candy store with a blank check! And to the OP: YDI. Should have told her you liked her in the first place; only when you guys are going out is it a FML and not a YDI.

I love shopping with my grandmother, even if we rarely actually buy anything. It's called spending time with your family :c OP, FYL. But, obviously, you're not crushing on the right people if they're bitches like that.

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I guess I just don't have the right kind of loving family then =

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i think in this case, it's probably the OP's fault. he was probably too obvious about his hate for this guy, so she felt that she had to lie about it to spend time with this guy. oh...and YDI, because of your entitlement...she's not your girlfriend, she's allowed to have a life.

#39 My grandparents died before I was born, I wouldn't know. OP: That's a hint she isn't interested in you, maybe find a girl that likes to be with you and appreciates you.

Pink Elephant- OP's issue is that the girl agreed to spend time with him, then reneged, and LIED to him about why. Not that she didn't spend time with him.

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Uh what, obviously he is upset she didn't spend time with him.

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I LOVE shopping with my grandparents! She seriously begs to buy me anything I want, it's great!

Don't be stupid. How is it "entitlement" to expect someone you're supposed to hang out with to show up? Or at least not lie about why they cancel.

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I can picture this as an FML from her view too, except hers would be a YDI. haha

Yea i know how you feel dude, has happened to me a few times, girls lying and ditching me at last mintue, just be ******* honest its not so hard girls!

right, because all men are saints who never lie or cheat.

I've never, but seriously like just be honest say you're going out with someone else or something, tbh im one of them people who prefer to know truth no matter how ugly it is rather than find it out later on, at least then you know where things stand

#9 what he said applies to guys too, but since the OP was a girl it was more appropriate to say "girls"

No, but for some reason "lying to those nerdy guys" is a habit that is considered acceptable by womankind.

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you're better off without the lying bitchwhore

At least you know that she's incredibly stupid. Keep that in mind if you still want to date her.

Lmao!!!!! thats ****** up!!! lol. FYL! :-)

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Well, that does really suck. However, it sounds like you're in middle school or early high school. And that in itself is more of an FYL than this story. It gets better, friend. You'll never even think about her once you make it to college.

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Well...if he IS in middle school, and his FML is that typo-free, I'm optimistic about his college chances.

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