By Kelly - United States
Today, I gave my boyfriend a box of chocolates as a present. A few hours later, he texted me saying that the box of chocolates contained nuts. He's allergic to nuts and his mother now thinks I'm trying to kill him. FML
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  hasty_D  |  0

hmmm you are right in a way...not evrybody reads =P
i agree with you, she could've ben carefull.... she maybe just forgot these things...happens to evryone...
not evryone complexes on evrything, but yeah maybe it would've ben more carefull to offer him chosen chocolate and not any box...

By  24788  |  6

Lol, if he's allergic to nuts wouldn't he read the package on most products? Maybe not assume everyone is perfect? He actually sounds pretty dense to me.

  rudegirlmania  |  10

It's cool 8, I got that message too (even though he's right, it doesn't say that he ate them)...

I'm allergic to nuts, and a box of chocolates is a KNOWN probable box of death to me.

Unless she like mailed the box to him, he is pretty dense for not telling her and declining the box the second she gave it to him. I agree with 8.

  popoman  |  0

No, it is probably your fault.

Unless you two have been dating for less than a month OR your boyfriend never told you, you should know this. You didn't read the package, and you could have killed your boyfriend.

By  rockyroad1234  |  0

You probably should have checked that out first. Nut allergies are getting more and more common in today's world -- and food products are required to list if they have even the smalled possibilty of nuts in them. Same with dairy products. It's your fault for not reading the box before buying these chocolates for him.

By  LilaBear  |  1

That sucks, and I wouldn't say you DESERVED it, but it IS your fault. Most girlfriends know when their boyfriends have deathly allergies. Most people know that many chocolates have nuts in them. In fact, even if the chocolate doesn't have nuts in it, most chocolate has usually been processed on the same machinery as nuts, or "may contain traces of nuts". If you have a bf with such a deathly allergy, surely you would check the warnings on the box to see what it might contain.

By  bombtastic  |  10

what if she didn't know he was allergic? it happens sometimes. and tell the mom to chill out, I'm sure if she wanted him dead, she wouldve done it differently. at least he's smart and didn't do what some morons do; eat it when they know they're allergic. but that sucks. make this a warning to check from now on.

  cth11181992  |  0

I'm sorry. How could she NOT know that he is allergic to nuts. She is the girlfriend. Something like an allergy would be really important to know. I do agree that it could be a mistake but it was a big one because it could've possibly killed him.