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By Anonymous - 18/09/2019 00:01 - United States

Today, I had to go to the ER because of a terrible allergic reaction I had to the cookies my "friend" made for me. She assured me several times that there were no nuts in them. Turns out, she put nuts in them on purpose, to see whether or not I was really allergic. FML
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Your "friend" better be paying for that hospital bill. Then put her in the hospital.

EmDizzle2007 28

that's attempted murder.


Your "friend" better be paying for that hospital bill. Then put her in the hospital.

Wow. And I thought my friend wasn't the nicest guy around.

doomsdayaddams 6

Your friend is a dangerous sociopath. Run. Seriously.

EmDizzle2007 28

that's attempted murder.

blondie45 21

My thoughts precisely!

Then I must say your friend is an asshole. Sorry for your issues, sympathetic not apologetic.

Susan Yee 9


PlagueofFiction 20

If you have any written proof that she did it to see if you were allergic or not, you can sue her, and even take this to the police as it's attempted murder.

Riiiight. The friend wrote her diabolical plan down and then handed it to her.

PlagueofFiction 20

If you use your brain, you'll see that there are many possible outcomes as to how she found out. She may have learned via a text or message of some kind that she put the nuts in to test her allergies. Not everyone gets together in person to plot out someone else's death.

Maybe she texted her the truth, eventually

I don't think you should continue to be her friend...

Your "friend" is a pretty good "scientist." How can you prove a nut allergy is real without empirical proof?

Jail time for your "friend." Not kidding. What she did was a crime.