By Crippled - 27/12/2009 05:35 - United States

Today, my parents bought me an alarm clock that runs away from you while beeping obnoxiously when you hit snooze. I just had ankle surgery and am unable to walk. FML
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don't use it.

Dont_Explain 3

Better yet, put it up on a high ledge. "Run fucker, run."


don't use it.

Dont_Explain 3

Better yet, put it on a high ledge. "Run fucker, run."

Kylias 6

#5 wins.

its not a plug in it iot its batteried other wise it wouldnt be able to run around. lol i have one too

Reyo 2

Hide it in your parent's bedroom before moving for college. I suggest somewhere secure, like right behind the drywall that's next to their bed.

better better yet, just face it towards the wall

letitbe56 0

#1 said it. Assuming you're not crippled for life, you can just use your phone or something until your foot heals. Your life isn't really that fucked.

baby_val 0

yea furreal

the FML is they found out it runs away by pressing snooze and now have an annoying alarm clock running around.

how would it run away?

Or, hide it in your parents' room.

That's harsh as fuck haha.

damn voids ur ugly as fuck haha

seven_to_twelve 3

So don't use it until you're better. Unless you don't live with your parents, in which case don't use it at all, and bring it out when they visit. That sounds really annoying.

Dont_Explain 3

Better yet, put it up on a high ledge. "Run fucker, run."

I love you don't_explain

#5 copier. >_>

Towerhead1 0

#6 IS #5. Fail

Meant to thumb up 104

kittykat1501 31

but you'd have to hit snooze first and OP can't stand.

Moar sauce? Didn't think so.

so don't hit snooze. crisis solved

htownlove 0

exactly what I was thinking

Baseball bats... they weren't just invented for playing baseball.

24788- lmao, they're also for smashing peoples noses. ask my cousin how he broke my nose :)

So... there's no way to turn it off, right? Like... not activating it, or removing the batteries...

or is it one which turns into a monster and starts shooting at you if it gets pissed off by being turned off

*presses snooze* "I'm afraid I can't let you do that, Dave."

SweetPotatoVines 0

I think you win #34

hahahaha. Funny. At least it'll do its job, hey? And surely you must be able to walk somehow, even if it's on crutches, or at least get around in a wheelchair... how would you get out of bed otherwise??

perdix 29

Simple. Regift it to your boyfriend when you want to break up with him. Reset it for about 2 hours before his normal wake-up time to hasten the process.

or if it's a school day, two hours after