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  Reyo  |  2

Hide it in your parent's bedroom before moving for college. I suggest somewhere secure, like right behind the drywall that's next to their bed.

  letitbe56  |  0

#1 said it. Assuming you're not crippled for life, you can just use your phone or something until your foot heals. Your life isn't really that fucked.

By  LilaBear  |  1

hahahaha. Funny. At least it'll do its job, hey? And surely you must be able to walk somehow, even if it's on crutches, or at least get around in a wheelchair... how would you get out of bed otherwise??

By  perdix  |  29

Simple. Regift it to your boyfriend when you want to break up with him.

Reset it for about 2 hours before his normal wake-up time to hasten the process.