By djshahso - 26/02/2010 00:14 - United States

Today, I decided it would be funny to give my friend a peanut that had fallen on the floor. I hid it in his food, and started laughing when he ate it. It turns out he is allergic to peanuts. His family hates me now. FML
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lautturi 2

You really do deserve that. Peanut allergies are common. If I was his family, I'd hate you too for doing something like that without thinking.

YDI for not knowing, call yourself his friend?


hellooo222 0

yes i guess it wasnt so funni after all:(

is it a coincidence that all fmls that start with "today, I thought it would be funny to" end up with mostly ydi's?

bebz_fml 0

aw it's not like they intended for their friend to have an allergic reaction

tweetbaby14 18

ydi what kind of friend would give another friend something that fell on the floor any way. and peanuts are food that most people are allergic too... it's decided you're the worst friend ever

mikeyboi19 5

okay honestly friends, mostly guys, play little jokes like this all the time. I gave my friend a piece of gum I found on the floor before, fortunately he wasn't allergic to gum

This wouldn't be his fault if he put the peanut in a peanut jar. Why would he hide it in other food

VampireKiller59 0

how do u not know ur friend is ellergic to peanuts?

killerviral 0

hey noe if he ***** with you then u know his true weakness mwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha (cough) mwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha HA

why is there a peanut in his house at all?

Oh cmon #30, guys do stuff like that all the time. And I tell you what, hindsight is always 20/20, I doubt you'd find a person playing a prank with peanuts who stopped to consider the possible allergic reaction unless they were a chef, doctor, or allergic themselves. Not to mention that a peanut is an innocuous substance. He played a prank, it had an unfortunate consequence that he didn't intend. FYL.

EricJ 3

It's well known that some people are allergic to peanuts.

isreal 0

I can see the giving it to my friend after it fell on the floor part but you're right a lot of people are allergic to peanuts why wold you choose that? and if you're a real friend wouldn't you know if your friend was allergic to peanut???

why in the world would it be funny to feed your friend peanut? are you that devoid of life and humor?

redsox4021 0

I did the same thing but with my Penis

Like that dumb and dumber scene in the lloyd this helps!!!

lautturi 2

You really do deserve that. Peanut allergies are common. If I was his family, I'd hate you too for doing something like that without thinking.

garrettjordan 0

awww that was not nice but I would of still laughed my ass off

eat_this_buddie 5

that's not cool. I have bad peanut allergies too. I react really bad within the first 2 minutes of consuming peanuts. ydi. he couldve gotten really sick.

Way to be a total dick. Congratulations.

Im allergic to peanuts aswell and if one of my "Friends" did that to me, and i lived, id probably stomp their head into the ground. Concider yourself lucky they didnt die.

omg you have a picture of a Furby! lol I used to have one! Gah... I haven't thought of those in forever...

technically we don't know that their friend didn't die :-p

YDI for not knowing, call yourself his friend?

They should beat you, let you heal, then beat you again until they run out of shit to beat you with.

texas_justice 0

hidden dirty peanut... what, you couldn't simply pee in his coffee? what sort of friend are you?

Revenge is a dish best served with peanuts.

nah I don't like peanuts with my ice cream and it's obvious that revenge is ice cream.

I don't get it. Attempted homicide is hilarious. Bunch of unfunny Puritans.

nobridgejustwate 0