By wakinginvegas87 - 05/09/2010 15:49 - United States

Today, it was my boyfriend's parents' anniversary so I thought I'd do something to impress them. I made them chocolate-covered strawberries. But for some reason they gave me really dirty looks when they saw it. Turns out his mother is allergic to strawberries and his father is allergic to chocolate. FML
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Wow, now how the hell were you suppose to know that. I blame the BF.


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Why did you do anything for their anniversary? By the looks of it, you have not known them for long. Brown-Noser?

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Haha what are the odds? FYL. :b

f THEIR LIFE for being allergic. i can't imagine myself not being able to eat all the food i want in the world :(

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You should have asked your man before cooking up ideas.

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OP- Suck him off. He'll definitly forgive you ;D

F them. if someone did something nice like that for me I would thank them profusely for the thought, and tell them I hope they enjoy eating them :) Also beware: people tend to be a lot like their parents when they get older. if they are assholes he might turn out to be one too... And before anyone says that isn't always true, I said MIGHT

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46, definitely*. Suck the dad off? Yes, that will just solve everything.

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Thanks for correcting me bloodygore. Also, I was joking about sucking the dad off :D

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You're one of the few people who don't get upset when corrected. My name's Precious.

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I hate it when my comments don't appear...

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Ill just introduce myself. My name is Andy. If you see me make a mistake, feel free to correct me. I would appreciate it

Well the mom can lick the chocolate and the dad can eat the strawberry and i will video tape it and make it into a porno.

Women are supposed to cook, why would that impress them??? Jk but anyway how is dipping fruit an impressive task? Anyone could do that.

lol the funny part is that the odds of this happening r so slim.

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all of you commenting on 9 are silly the picture is OBVIOUSLY HIGHLY PHOTOSHOPPED. Layers were played with, probably some selective colors and lighting, the blur tool (or possibly Paint Shop Pro's Auto Skin Corrector) Anyway... just a tip next time, don't OVER Photoshop your pictures, it just winds up looking fake.. or in this case people think you put on a pound of makeup and u look like a ***** (their words, not mine)

i dont see the problem his mum can still lick it and his dad can enjoy the rest

68 how's your picture fail... it's more like WIN

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that's either a huge coincidence or this is fake. assuming it's real though op that sucks just apologize and say you were just trying to be nice,

78- Well that was highly unnecessary. Don't be a dick

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Is it impressive to be able to make chocolate covered strawberries?

Wow, now how the hell were you suppose to know that. I blame the BF.

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yea right? if he knew she was making them he should have told her...

Yeah, seriously, who's allergic to strawberries?? Or chocolate, for that matter, unless he's lactose intolerant.

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Actually, I'm allergic to both. However, I'm not lactose intolerant, which the doctor says is somewhat odd.

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What's odd, my allergies or the FML? Or something else, for that matter? :P

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Whoa. Did you put a slab of make-up on that day, #9?

agreed. he could have warned her before letting her give them the gift :/

oh wow thats a coincidence... its not ur fault, dont worry ;p

u should have checked first. not ur fault though. 

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I guess that was the last (puts on sunglasses) straw(berry)

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This comment made my day. Thank you.

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Unless you are close to his parents, which I doubt you are, there's no way you could have known. And if you bf knew you were doing this he should have spoken up. Just explain to them.

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Can I have the chocolate covered strawberries then? pleeaaaassseee? :D!!

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ur really annoying. u aren't funny or cute and ur picture looks retarded cuz u made ur lips look like a duck. u aren't funny or cute and should get punched in the face.....

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I usually discuss things with my fiancee when it comes to doing things for his family, just to make sure I get them the right thing or know that they'll at least like it. The thought was very thoughtful, but did you think to ask him about it?

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Why aren't my comments posting? It was thoughtful, but not much thought went into it.