By wakinginvegas87 - United States
Today, it was my boyfriend's parents' anniversary so I thought I'd do something to impress them. I made them chocolate-covered strawberries. But for some reason they gave me really dirty looks when they saw it. Turns out his mother is allergic to strawberries and his father is allergic to chocolate. FML
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  skittle68  |  0

F them. if someone did something nice like that for me I would thank them profusely for the thought, and tell them I hope they enjoy eating them :) Also beware: people tend to be a lot like their parents when they get older. if they are assholes he might turn out to be one too... And before anyone says that isn't always true, I said MIGHT

  GamerGoddess  |  0

all of you commenting on 9 are silly
the picture is OBVIOUSLY HIGHLY PHOTOSHOPPED. Layers were played with, probably some selective colors and lighting, the blur tool (or possibly Paint Shop Pro's Auto Skin Corrector)
Anyway... just a tip
next time, don't OVER Photoshop your pictures, it just winds up looking fake.. or in this case people think you put on a pound of makeup and u look like a skank (their words, not mine)

By  redheadedmonster  |  24

Unless you are close to his parents, which I doubt you are, there's no way you could have known. And if you bf knew you were doing this he should have spoken up. Just explain to them.

  shihtzupup98  |  3

ur really annoying. u aren't funny or cute and ur picture looks retarded cuz u made ur lips look like a duck. u aren't funny or cute and should get punched in the face.....

By  LemonLala  |  0

I usually discuss things with my fiancee when it comes to doing things for his family, just to make sure I get them the right thing or know that they'll at least like it.

The thought was very thoughtful, but did you think to ask him about it?