By Anonymous - 11/10/2010 07:41 - United States

Today, my mom rolled up the car window on my fingers. She thought my yelling and crying was because I was throwing a tantrum. I'm 26. FML
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FFML_314 11

Why don't you tell everyone how they are crank windows. I promise we won't make fun of you.

I don't know what's worse, the fact that you were crying? or the fact that your mum thinks you still throw tantrums. but I'm gonna say YDI


I don't know what's worse, the fact that you were crying? or the fact that your mum thinks you still throw tantrums. but I'm gonna say YDI

maybe he still does throw tantrums

Agreed. It's never a good day when even mommy dearest thinks your throwing a tantrum.

FYLDeep 25

It's a girl.

Mum... That's funny to me. And yes I KNOW that's how some say mom outside of the U.S. Still funny to me.

we say mum the correct way. you spell it the redneck inbred way :)

or maybe it's that fact that she is 26 and her mom still drives her

Do you often throw tantrums... ?

it sounds like the car has power windows unless her mom reached across her.. she should have tried pushing the button.. ydi

stop whining and press the Dow button on the window u dumb bitch

CLLawrence88 0

#71 just because she happen to be in the car with her mother doesnt mean her mom still drives her. She could have been going to lunch or being picked up from a dr. Where she was advised to have a ride. You dont know dont judge.

Well sir you are a cigarette, faggot.

LightSkinFresh 0

Did she die?

has she dieded?

platypussies 0

is your mom retarded

Uhhmm let's be friends?:)

Uh...I'd be screaming up a storm too if I got a window shut on my hand

you could have explained it to her

Ikr. -_- If OP's to the screaming and crying point, they obviously could say 'MOM. MY FINGERS ARE CRUSHED IN THE WINDSHIELD.'

FFML_314 11

I don't think OP would have to explain anything if her fingers were crushed in the windshield, because I don't think that's possible without the windshield breaking. If that were the case, the mother would notice, unless she's a complete and total moron, but I don't see any morons in sight, do you?

#21, Yeah I do.

FFML_314 11

Ehh emm. You're ruining the sarcasm!

Are answers to rhetorical questions really necessary?

FFML_314 11

Dammit, Doc! Don't ask a rhetorical question about a rhetorical question! You're brain fucking the kiddos.

Fortuitous 0

The kids need to learn about paradoxes; if they don't, how will they survive in this world?

Is there a reason you idiots comment on every FML trying to outsmart the OP? It's really annoying. It would take so much of my time to comment on EVERY post, then comment on the comments.

deformedsurf 0

Is it wrong to point out that you can't roll your fingers up in a car windshield? It would have to be one of the windows:)

well, you kind of were...

Throwing a tantrum? No. I've done that before and it hurt like shit. At 26 I don't why they are putting fingers in windows...

the same thing happend to me my step dad rolled my middle finger up until the moter to the window started to go eeeewrrrrr

Nyc__Princess 0

you cried ? FHL for having a 26 year old wimp.

have you ever gotten your fingers smashed in a car window? it FxCKING hurts!! you will cry

Nyc__Princess 0

for his mom to think that he was throwing a tantrum is probably not a once in a blue moon thing. She's probably used to him whining & bitching. which make me think he deserves it.

OochenSnoochen 15

it's a she honey, read between the lines.

eh, it hurts but not enough to cry especially at that age :o i hada car door slammed on my fingers and it hurt for a bit, i barely felt it, but that's probably because there was no blood going to them xD

Let's roll up a window on your fingers then and see if you don't cry. It fucking hurts.

iknewyouwould 0

@43, yeah, suuuuuuuuure. if thats what you want to believe

OP is a girl

43 -- some people cry when they're in pain, it's just an automatic reaction. Age doesn't change how you experience pain, and crying doesn't make you immature.

DWilliamson 7

op is a girl, boricua.

Well excuse the rest of us because we're not a cold, unfeeling robot like you. D';

korn247 5

lol! add to favorites? -yes :D sucks for you, OP lmao

robin1715 0

Well if she thinks you still throw them then you need to suck it up.

perdix 29

Because you threw a tantrum 10 minutes earlier because Mom wouldn't buy you an Orange Julius at the mall, she was justified in thinking you were being a crybaby all over again. At 26, you'd think you'd be smart enough not to keep your fingers between the window and the frame . . . I guess not.

I_have_no_clue 0

Orange Julius FTW! 

FFML_314 11

Why don't you tell everyone how they are crank windows. I promise we won't make fun of you.

^^haha made me laugh out loud

santi86 0

my dad did the same thing to my sister. he also managed to slam the car door on my hand and leave it there because he panicked.