By rhunter17 - 06/04/2015 19:38

Today, I forgot my boyfriend was allergic to nuts and ate Nutella toast before he arrived. He had just brought me flowers for doing well in an exam and I kissed him. He had a reaction and I had to stab him in the leg. FML
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Had this happen to me. Not fun at all. Hope he's okay and don't feel too bad, you forgot. It happens occasionally

Should have made your username "nut hunter." Really missed your chance there


Had this happen to me. Not fun at all. Hope he's okay and don't feel too bad, you forgot. It happens occasionally

I'm sure OP felt aweful. But, she needs to feel SOME remorse, so she doesn't "forget" again and "oops" accidentally kill her boyfriend. Epi Pens aren't a guarantee. Now that she sees how serious nut allergies are, the safest thing for her to do is adapt his lifestyle.

I have a boyfriend with a severe peanut allergy. I thankfully haven't screwed up yet. I've entirely cut out peanut products for the last two years though. you really do have to adapt to their lifestyle though. it is too dangerous to play around with.

My in laws have a friend that brought cookies home that were processed in a facility that handles a variety of nuts. Their son was severely allergic and ate one. He was rushed to the hospital, ended up in a coma and died within a week. He was only 9. You can't just have an accidental screw up.. Those screw ups may be the last memory you have of that person.

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You guys are acting like she was trying to do it intentionally, they're called accidents for a reason. accidents are always going to happen no matter how careful you are, there is no such thing as being careful 100% of time, we will eventually slip and thats part of life.

there's just very little margin for error. if you're going to be with someone with a nut allergy, you HAVE to commit to a life of no nuts. I read labels very carefully as well. kit Kats are pretty much the only chocolate bars that I can have and THAT'S even a stretch because of the" May contain"

Exactly!! I was with my ex for five years. He was severely allergic for peanuts, and within the first month I gave up everything with peanuts and anything that may contain traces of.

She's nuts for him. Because they both try to kill him.

Oh Romeo, where arth thou allergy. For i are truly lonely without thine nuts

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Living a nut free life > committing involuntary manslaughter

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Understanding sarcasm>Not understanding

Thank you, 38. It baffles me that so many people on this COMEDY site take things so seriously.

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42- if it helps, I lagged pretty damn hard at that comment. XD

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Paraphrasing the wise Louis CK, if you get killed by touching a nut, maybe you kind of deserve to die.

At least, for that split second, he got to discover the joy that is nutella

Sounds like there wasn't much joy involved at all. ?

Exactly. I don't understand why people flip over Nutella. It's gross and there's no love there. Nutella is the cum of Satan.

Yeah, #58. You're mistaken. Satan's cum is a compliment. Nutella is just pure shit. I ate it as a child before it got super popular. I can't stand it.

The only nuts you'll have from now on are his

Hope he is okay OP, but look on the bright side, atleast the exam went well.

I remember the allergies of people I haven't seen in years, not sure how you could forget your boyfriend's..

I think it's more she forgot she had eaten it.

OP may have only been dating them for a short time..

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Not everyone has the same memory as you...

It's not that hard to forget about. So many food allergies run in my family that to feed everybody sometimes we have to cook 3 meals or more and almost always somebody gets left out of something good. My mom is allergic to tomatoes so no pizza or barbecue sauce a lot of my family have severe nut allergies.

I have a nut allergy and my own parents are continually offering me food with nuts. My girlfriend doesn’t remember what I'm allergic to but remembers I have an allergy so she at least asks first. I don't let it bother me. I'm responsible for what I eat.

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At least you did not kill him ^^

Should have made your username "nut hunter." Really missed your chance there