By Anonymous - 27/12/2009 03:09 - Canada

Today, I woke up to an unfamiliar male face right beside mine. I flipped out fell of my 4 foot raised bed and got a concussion. Who, you may ask, was in my bed? My Robert Pattinson pillowcase. FML
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Oh, look. He's watching you sleep.

YDI for having such bad taste in men.


Oh, look. He's watching you sleep.

C-C-Combo breaker!

That's what you get for being a twilight fan

stealin' yo kids.

YDI Taylor Lautner is ten hundred thousand times SEXIER

That's true, but I would say she deserves it.

cant believe people buried this comment... twilight fans get a life

I do have a life. Obviously I love edward

lmao! thats too funny!

I love robert pattinson its okthings happen like that all the time

Only if you're fucking retarded.

Hahaha, things like this happen all the time? What the hell are you doing? I just about laughed as hard about this as I did about the FML.

Wtf who actually likes Robert pattison (btw I knowi spelled it wrong but who cares) he's a ugly stalker

#291, You're absolutely retarded. He's acting a role for a fictional character which made him a lot of money. He isnt actually a stalker you nit wit.

soooo. was it good??? did he make you shiver with his icicle... he watches you in your sleep to make sure you dont leave ..lolol well. at least it wasnt spongebob and thankfully edward/robert dosent sing....mlia..

I'd honestly rather have the Spongebob pillow.

XD kudos to 12!

I agree with #12 & #13

i agree with #12,13 and 14

#12, 13, *17 * & 42 FTW. Words cannot describe how much YDI, OP.

aha, i have a spongebob pillow case xD

That's just sad. And totally your fault.

YDI for having such bad taste in men.

Ugh. YDI for liking him enough to have a pillowcase with his face. I sincerely hope you're a female

Ah, this comment reeks of sexism and/or homophobia. Lovely.