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Today, I went to my boyfriend's house to give his mother a box of chocolates and flowers for Mother's Day. She just stared at them and said, "What's this for? You're not my daughter, and never will be. But I'll keep the chocolate." FML
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Wow, what an ungrateful bitch.

Ouch. Marry him and then you can scream "WELL YOU'RE MY MOTHER IN-LAW NOW BITCH"... Actually don't do that.


Wow, what an ungrateful bitch.

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my answer for everything (as a Russian male) is, "beat her"

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Such a bitch. Would it kill her to say a simple "thank you"?

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Poison the chocolate next time, sweetie!!

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Agreed! You should have yanked the chocolate out of her hand and ran away! Haha

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if thats her way of saying "I love you" then id hate to witness her way of saying "I hate you"

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agreeing with 49

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66, how are your implants ?(;

couldn't agree more!

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That Clearly isnt actually her unless shes desprate for attention on the internet...

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wow surgical implants much????

I'd say 'bitch give me the chocolate u ain't keeping anything!' and give her a fake sweet smile and walk away

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1- my thoughts exactly!

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65- that would have been hilarious!!!!!!

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154 is fuhaaaaakkkkkeeee ^.^

lol she's just playing wit u !! mind games yeah

In other words, she's mind f***Ing the shit out of you right now

not at all dude, more like fuck off little girl but i will keep chocklates as a trophy

*chocolate fucking anti-flood protection


ur really stupid getta life u dickk

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140- maybe it's because your ugly that you're a being a b*tch, but just because he said that doesn't mean he's a dick. Kthanksbye.

That's a lot of downvotes

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Sounds like she'd be a Monster-In-Law.

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she is probably right tho....she osprobably just putting out...

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is probably**

Dude.. No lol.. just no

Marry the shit out of him.

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Then fuck the shit outta him on their kitchen table.

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5 & 45 You're both geniuses. Extra points if she miscarries/comes on Mommy Dearest's spot at the table.

I was thinking that every time you see her in public from now on scream "go away your not my mommy!" and run off. might be a little embarrassing for the op though.

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What the actual fuck? Extra points if she miscarries?

Ouch. Marry him and then you can scream "WELL YOU'RE MY MOTHER IN-LAW NOW BITCH"... Actually don't do that.

37 - That's what he just said.

No, he said shit. One does not simply marry the poop out of people into church, you know.

What'd you do for your OWN mother though?

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sweetie pie, honey bunch -- that's not the point of this FML, mmk?

Her mom might be dead. But the point of the FML is that her boyfriends mom was a bitch.

she doesn't have a mother you jack ass hole

How the fuck should you know, shit for brains?

if OP went through that much trouble just for her boyfriend's mother, then it's natural to wonder what she did for her own if anything at all. For that matter, did the son himself? You can't ignore your own mother on Mother's Day.

Maybe Op is a very kind person and did the same for both her mother and her boyfriend's mother.

Bitch. It's a celebration of MOTHERS. doesn't have to be YOUR mother.

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Right! Just never get her a Mother's Day gift again, and if she ever asks why, say " You aren't my mother, and never will be. I'll keep your son, though!"

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As revenge marry him & bear the fruits of his loins.

RainbowHeadache 2


You were right the first time.

Oh, that is a great way to get revenge. The will teach the old bitch. Dumb ass.

RainbowHeadache 2

I couldn't remember which it was so I put that to be safe. Thank you, Cinn. :]

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Your boyfriend's mom is clearly a rude bitch. Have you done anything to piss her off lately?

ya, it's called dating her son!

regardless, no one has the god given right to turn their nose up at a nice gesture. I agree, she clearly is a rude bitch, with no manners.

Just say, "that's not what your son said."