By windshitwipers - United States - Denver
Today, I found shit on my windshield. I'm not sure if it is human or animal, but it was conveniently smeared all over and even more was placed under my wipers just in case I used them to clean it up. This isn't the first time, and I have no idea who I could have pissed off. FML
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  HKCgrimmjow  |  15

Assuming they get on top of your car to shit on it just wax it really well and grease it up so ass they're shitting on it they slip and fall into the shit, that's my mind process. Deal with it lmao


If middle schoolers are capable of vandalising the children's play park near where I live, I would imagine defecating on a stranger's car wouldn't be far off. It'll only get worse as they get older.

  philbelfrage  |  13

Well I don't think that should be a problem unless there is fecal matter in your peanut butter sandwich, in which case you're doing something wrong anyways. Unless it was the thought of windshields that repulsed you. But I wouldn't put glass in a peanut butter sandwich either.