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Today, I was driving along when the car in front of me ran over an animal. I only realised this when a chunk of flesh and blood landed on my windscreen. I put my wipers on to get rid of it but instead it got stuck underneath the wipers and smeared all over the screen. FML
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  Miss_Michaela  |  10

I once had that kinda thing happen to me, except it was a sausage roll that was thrown on my windscreen. I popped that sucka straight into the microwave. I wasn't going to say no to a free lunch.

  iAmScrubs  |  19

If you are talking about me, then you are mistaken. I am not from the south, I am actually from Canada. Also, the comment I made was simply a joke. I don't think anyone would actually take a piece of dead animal off their car and cook it. There could be so much diseases and health risks.

  ijrnelson  |  0

international English / British English is windscreen. I do like the American English language sometimes it's worth a lol. favourites are trash and the best of all time "egg plant".

  gearsmaster  |  0

I have a screen on my window? and the glass behind it would make it a shield. I hate any other language besides American English. call me selfish/bias whatever.. idc haha. Also, those nasty europeans with their disgusting rat teef :B and their shovel faces. wa wa woo wa here comes the queen, bow down quickly crumpets and tea gypsy.

all I hear on XBL is how ALL Americans are fat, and eat mcdonalds everyday. That's the only shit talk I hear when they gettin raped in gears.. "oh you fat American wanker" and you can only imagine his/her face :/

If you play live. any game. back me up


  Ninjasaurus18  |  9

Maybe #4 is dyslexic, and got their letters messed up. I'm not dyslexic, but I'll read something over several times and one word will be vitally different than what I saw.