By Username - 13/05/2011 08:13

Today, I was driving along when the car in front of me ran over an animal. I only realised this when a chunk of flesh and blood landed on my windscreen. I put my wipers on to get rid of it but instead it got stuck underneath the wipers and smeared all over the screen. FML
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iAmScrubs 19

It's still good to put on the barbecue and call it steak.

"Look kids, daddy caught dinner!"


iAmScrubs 19

It's still good to put on the barbecue and call it steak.

upstartzero 0


As long as it's not past 5 seconds.

I once had that kinda thing happen to me, except it was a sausage roll that was thrown on my windscreen. I popped that sucka straight into the microwave. I wasn't going to say no to a free lunch.

johnson94 5

^ stereotypical fat person haha

you should also have hit it and doubled the gore on the guy behind you'd windshield. then invited him for a barbeque

missy_lynn012 0

81 i REALLY hope you're joking.

The 5-second rule doesn't affect here, the meat never hit the ground.

VinegarStrokes 0

Mmmm... Rabies.

No rabies in the UK

PDeffinP 0

of course she is joking wtf.

on your screen? mean windshield, um let's see...FAIL

You must be in the south thats where they do that at.

iAmScrubs 19

If you are talking about me, then you are mistaken. I am not from the south, I am actually from Canada. Also, the comment I made was simply a joke. I don't think anyone would actually take a piece of dead animal off their car and cook it. There could be so much diseases and health risks.

djcamp27 0

I would.... anythings wrong wit that?

guckylynn 19

I'm from Michigan and we keep deer we hit. Free venison...

staceysgenesis16 0

mmm, well im glad your thinking that way. you should try it some time and let us know how it comes out.

151, I'm from Alabama and never heard of a grill refered to as a bar-b-que... that is just something we eat

it's actually healthier than most meat because it's so fresh... people do eat it sometimes without even cooking it

Haha I laughed so hard when I read this, might want to haul ass to a car wash before a cop saw it.

SneezyC 15

btw 151 we don't do that down here . get your facts straight Kay?

XHereNumberThere 0

LindseyYanero 15

that's the best kind of meat FREE

GreenBud_fml 0

roadkill much?

well yesterday wassss friday the 13th ;)

gearsmaster 0

I like your piece of shat tat fat ratatouille. hope it's only ballpoint..

"Look kids, daddy caught dinner!"

That's some high quality meat.

^thats what she said

robotiick 12


Not gonna lie, I was hoping someone would say that. :p

SneezyC 15

WIN !! for whoever said 'that's what she said.' ;)

lextheplex 0

widescreen..? never heard somebody call their windshield a widescreen before.. I thought they meant they got dead animal on there tv lmao fail

I believe they call them windscreens in the UK

where does it say widescreen? because I'm pretty sure i read "windscreen", which is pretty much just another word for windshield.

It says "windscreen", which is the non-American word for "windshield".

Music_Goddess 0

apparently we can't read in FYL

hrun200 0

Someone needs to go back to first grade...*cough*lextheplex*cough*

international English / British English is windscreen. I do like the American English language sometimes it's worth a lol. favourites are trash and the best of all time "egg plant".

KiddNYC1O 20

#4's comment is just another case of premature commenting.

Really, 4? You are one of the many people that prove to me you can be this stupid after the womb.

zowieandzander77 1

why is trash funny?

haha leave her Alone she is having a blonde moment xD

Trash is funny, australians/brittish usually say Garbage or Rubbish.

Yeah in Australia we use windscreen and rubbish rather than trash.

gearsmaster 0

I have a screen on my window? and the glass behind it would make it a shield. I hate any other language besides American English. call me selfish/bias whatever.. idc haha. Also, those nasty europeans with their disgusting rat teef :B and their shovel faces. wa wa woo wa here comes the queen, bow down quickly crumpets and tea gypsy. all I hear on XBL is how ALL Americans are fat, and eat mcdonalds everyday. That's the only shit talk I hear when they gettin raped in gears.. "oh you fat American wanker" and you can only imagine his/her face :/ If you play live. any game. back me up xYETTIx

Gnahhh and I live in the same city as her... Must be something they put in the water...

Sukismama 2

Lmfao, same here

Ninjasaurus18 9

Maybe #4 is dyslexic, and got their letters messed up. I'm not dyslexic, but I'll read something over several times and one word will be vitally different than what I saw.

Amanyyyyyy 29

And you still haven't, #4.

drive-thru carwash ASAP

snowdrift 6

what the...bloody hell, dinner!!!!:D

Why don't you eat it???

i love that picture

lextheplex 0

never mind XD WINDSCREEN* still weird.. haha

oh my... *shakes head*

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

You're one of those people that gives Americans a bad rep..stupidity runs thick.

igotnolegs 1

FYL indeed(!) - not F*** the animals life? Noooo... its far worse hitting an animal(!)

TheDrifter 23

It's dead, it doesn't have to clean up carcass bits this afternoon

Ya know this sounded like a scene of a horror film where a random body/organ comes flying to the screen.

missy_lynn012 0

yes because an animal (a dead one at that) would be posting on FML.

igotnolegs 1

Did I say that? No. I said that it's the animal who is having a bad day not OP. F*** the animals life IMO