By poisongrl - 06/09/2011 22:53 - Macedonia

Today, it's my birthday. My dad came to pick me up, but after I had put my backpack in the back seat and closed the car door, he drove off without me. It started to rain, and I was without my phone or wallet. FML
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Happy Birthday, you'll always be Daddy's little girl

Midrash 5

Wow.. Father of the year.


fijianchick 0

:( that's sucks hope you had a nice bday afterwards

Happy Birthday, you'll always be Daddy's little girl

Happy birthday OP! Your FML family loves you (:

I think is why they created rear view mirrors. Too bad he failed to use it. Happy B-Day OP!

31, really? Rear view mirrors are included to see when you've left your child/ren behind?

krazy_glu3 0

So did he not try talking to you in the car and then after realizing you we're responding, that you weren't even in the car?

leadman1989 15

-_- No, but it was meant for seeing things in the rear of you in general. Unless he was driving in reverse (which would add a whole other layer of fail) that would be ops general position. Sorry I'm a little anal.

krazy_glu3 0

Meant weren't*** fml -.-

DeathMaple 3

Omg we have the same birthday! Happy belated birthday op =]

fijianchick 0

:( that's sucks hope you had a nice bday afterwards

Why did you close the door before you got into the car?

she closed the back door after putting her bag in, so presumably she wanted to sit in the front


What do you need your wallet for? Making a boat out of money?

getting home by public transportation...

fijianchick 0

Why do I have 2 of the same comments?

jswizzle_ 6

What an ass.

Midrash 5

Wow.. Father of the year.

No, it's a ^^^

When she calls him on it he'll just point to his "#1 Dad" Coffee mug she cheaped out on for fathers day.

Lonely...I am so lonely....I have nobody.... Shit, I mean, happy birthday!

You mean 'I'm so ronery' lol?

Just search "I'm so ronery" on youtube it's pretty funny.

Not funny dude, especially if it's someones birthday.

Because I came on this site to pity other people.

je_suis_fml 11

Oh but it was very funny. Rest assured after driving a few blocks and singing happy bday to an empty backseat and not getting a response, 'home alone' dad did a u-turn and picked OP back up..

SOTY this is sort of my argument with this guy, not you dude.

GlitteryMasakali 1

Why'd you close the car door while outside. Could not you get inside and place your backpack next to you? YDI

Exactly what I was thinking

MeRcixXxTRiPp 0

Because she called SHOT GUN!!!!

she wanted to sit at the front

I put my bag in the back seat, shut the door and move to the front seat. What's yo' problem?

#39 apperantly, he wanted to feel important to give out an unessessary ydi, plus, the poor troll has to sit in the backseat. Serioulsy dude, what country are you from? If you say that, then you're some 10 year old trolling on fml.

I get in the front seat with it and throw it back

enonymous 8

Stick your leg out. You'll probably get tons of Macedonian people pulling over.

You have a problem with Macedonian people?