By BrokeAsHell - Australia - Werribee
Today, my landlord emailed me, stating that she hasn't been receiving my rent. After some investigation, I found out she's been using the money to buy booze, and hasn't been putting it into the house owner's account. FML
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  scrabblestick  |  9

I agree with 2, but also - don't confront her, just go to the cops. She is obviously a terrible person and You will only be giving her time to cover up her mess. If you could find out, the cops should have no problems.

  VeganVampyre  |  26

36- I think that depends on how much money it is, and what kind of alcohol she's buying with it. If she's getting really expensive, low percentage stuff, it may not be that much. If she's getting a bunch of cheaper, higher percentage stuff, then... Well, she should probably be dead from alcohol poisoning by now.

  xlord  |  27

Where as olden day humans tore each other with swords and guns, modern humans rip each other apart with a concept that isn't even physical (money).

  Horsempeg  |  25

I totally agree. People like this should be punished. Unfortunatly you still might lose your house though cause she might lose everything. That does suck!