By hold your horses pony boy - 18/04/2014 18:24 - United States

Today, I took my car into a car wash. I guess it was a bad idea to do it with my dog in the car, because he freaked out, started scrambling around, and ended up pissing on everything, me included. FML
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Go through again with the windows down, that should solve the pissing problem.

Sounds like a tame version of Saw


Sounds like a tame version of Saw

revan546 24

Final Destination: Canine

Final desti-canine

revan546 24

A valiant attempt, #10.

alan2kai13 3

final canineation?

Let's play a game

I would have been pissed

OP was pissed... On

Well now you can wash off along with your car, just like in the movies.

Go through again with the windows down, that should solve the pissing problem.

SerenaSerenadex3 13

Or, as soon as the outside carwash finishes, get the inside cleaned :)

mif_fml 27

Your poor dog was scared pissless.

BaldoktheMystic 3

Swing and a miss

babygurll19 10

No...I'm pretty sure the dog was full of piss

What did you expect?

Well I'm sure she didn't expect to be peed on...

skittyskatbrat 19

Well, I wouldn't have expected it. I've had dogs sit next to me and look worried, one that used to just go sleep on the back floor, my parents' dog is amused and entertained. One cat used to hide on the floor boards, the other one would come to me for reassurance and watch it, but that's all. The old cat would briefly acknowledge it, then resume whatever she'd been doing, such as napping. I've never had one even BEGIN to freak out, not with me there. If they'd never been in one and gone through it alone, yeah, probably panic for a few of them. But a pissing panic with the owner right there? Not common at all and sure not what I'd expect, ever.

skittyskatbrat 19

This cat? Yep. I can also vacuum her fur when she's shedding badly, give her a bath, clip her nails w/out holding her, etc. She's scared of very little. The other one gets nervous, but with the big cat and myself there? She forgets what startled her in about two seconds. The old cat was unshakeable. NOTHING phased her!

Yeah, The hubby and I used to take our cat everywhere in the beginning, even on camping trips. We took him through the carwash with us on one specific trip home to get the mud off the car. He freaked out and tried to hide under the seats. It was really hard getting him out of the car. Can't take him camping anymore. He hates the car now and he shits himself when we try and drive anywhere. Should've seen that one coming. It was a dumb move on our part. Lesson learned.

Indianboy9321 25

Sounds like urine a spot of trouble there!

seventhejellyman 12

You scared the piss out if him

Why did you even post that comment?

A vacuum scares most dogs, I can only imagine a huge drive thru car wash. Poor doggie.

My cousin's dog starts barking and attacks the vacuum. I bet he would love a car wash.

Lesson learned.! Note taken.