By Sorry - 02/10/2014 23:51 - New Zealand - Auckland

Today, it's my birthday. I've spent most of it apologizing to my parents for the "hassle" of "having" to arrange a simple birthday dinner. Sorry I was born, guys. FML
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llamarrama01 21

They're just upset they created something better than themselves.


Don't be so heartless, #8. A birthday should be celebrated with love and happiness. I'm sorry you had a bad day on your birthday, OP, and I feel very bad for you, #6.

#6 you only got 4 hours of school? That's a birthday present in itself.

#27, I think #6 meant 4 extra hours of school. I'm really sorry about #6 and OP's birthdays. Keep your head up, #6, and although I am a random person on the internet, I hope you will still accept my belated happy birthday, please forgive my tardiness! ;)

tony1891 22

don't let them bring you down on your birthday. Enjoy it. and Happy birthday

Sorry OP. Despite your parents, I hope you make the best of it.

llamarrama01 21

They're just upset they created something better than themselves.

Shouldn't that be a goal of every parent..?

#33 you'd think that, but then you'd be wrong if you thought that every parent felt that way

You shouldn't have apologized. If they don't want to do it with good heart, then they better don't. Why not go out with your friends instead?

There is no reason to apologize, not only because it wasn't your choice to be born, but because it's your day and you deserve a celebration.

Aww don't worry about it. It's your day, go out and enjoy yourself. And of course, happy birthday :)!!

Happy Birthday! Enjoy whatever they put together :) then go do something epic

RenoTheRhino 30

There's no need to apologize for that. Don't let them make you feel bad. Enjoy your birthday!

happy Birthday OP. Have a great birthday and celebrate with the people who want to help you have a great birthday. Don't let the negativity ruin your day