By Anonymous - 15/04/2009 18:18 - United States

Today, I heard an electric saw cutting through something outside my condo. I presumed it was a complex maintenance guy working on something. It was a thief using an angle grinder to cut off my bicycle's U-lock. FML
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wow thats a lot of effort just to steal a bike

Must have been a really fucking nice bike.


ahahahahahahaha sucks

wow thats a lot of effort just to steal a bike

You'd think it'd be easier just to buy one at Wal-Mart or something!

Must have been a really fucking nice bike.

Who are you, Lance Armstrong?

Oh man, I'm sorry. @#5 WTF? People ride their bikes places still. Or to work out, like... regular people? Especially if this person's a student.

#6 - I know. I made that comment referring to the fact that someone stole Lance Armstrong's bike a little while ago when he left it out in the open. The bike was one of a kind. I thought of it when #4 said "Must have been a really fucking nice bike." Poor attempt at humor though, I suppose >.>

hahaha. That's too bad.

Wow. That's balls. Might as well wear neon yellow, and hold a sign that says "I steal bikes".

That's stupid of the thief because that would (and did) bring a lot of attention to himself. I guess not if it was a rural area. Did you catch him? Edit:#9 got it first

This is why everybody knows to keep their bicycles INSIDE.

Really? I've only seen bikes kept indoors when people have garages? What about college students? Or people living in apartments with no personal garage? Maybe OP has no choice but to keep it outdoors.