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Today, I found out the hard way that if you spontaneously begin to lose weight, you may have cancer, not an increased metabolism. FML
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Mossyoak_kw 28

Oh my gosh that's terrible. I'm so sorry, OP. Stay strong!! Best of luck to you, sweetie!

Damn. Well I hope all goes well OP, best of luck to you and stay strong!


Still trying to figure out how op having cancer calls for a ydi. Unless it was accidentally hit, that's really shitty

Unless the button is accidentally hit * clarification for mobile users

tinytyler 12

Not sure why this was even downvoted

Damn. Well I hope all goes well OP, best of luck to you and stay strong!

ive known a bunch of people that beat cancer... they say a positive attitude really helps

Well, do you know for sure if it's cancer? Maybe there's still hope.

I doubt they would've posted this if they weren't sure.

#30 that's not necessarily true. In college I randomly dropped 24lbs in one week and could barely even eat more than 500kcals a day if I didn't want to get violently sick and "cancer" was thrown out a lot during doctors appointments. Turns out they couldn't find anything wrong with me after six months of testing everything they could think of and I didn't (and still don't) have cancer.

500k calories a day? the recommendations are 2 k a day maximum

@56: You have the units mixed up here ;) What we commonly refer to as simply "calories" are actually kilo calories abr. as kcal. So the correct amount of daily intake are 2000 kcal or 2k kcal.

2k is 2000,but the unit is kcal. It's 2000 kcal, not 2000k cal.

@68 When she said "500kcal" she was implying 500 kilo calories, not 500 thousand calories. I got confused from reading the other explanations so in case you did too, I figured I'd simplify it.

sylvienoir 18

Aw, that's awful. Chemo is gonna be a bitch (if you do it).

Not really what OP needs to hear right now

Evem the truth that everyone already knows to be true? #5 was just reminding OP of the terrible things that OP most likely already knew about, which is not needed.

I just hope that if op gets treatments that she gets her eggs frozen first. I think sterility is a side effect not many people are aware of.

#90 who said the OP is a female? Also, what if OP doesn't want children, and just because it can lead to sterilization doesn't mean it will happen. My brother had testicular cancer, and has a child.

#100: the little female icon next to OP's username when on the mobile app says so ;)

Mossyoak_kw 28

Oh my gosh that's terrible. I'm so sorry, OP. Stay strong!! Best of luck to you, sweetie!

I wasn't expecting that! My heart just dropped. Good luck to you OP we will be here supporting you ):

At least you're losing weight ?. But sorry op, I hope you get it taken care of

Weight loss is not a silver lining here.

Dear lord, people really need to focus less on weight (and shaming/praising people for how much they have) and more on the underlying issues.

Yeah, because losing weight due to cancer is a good thing.

And people need to stop reading what they want to read. I said at LEAST. Of course the cancer isn't a good thing, but at least he/she is getting some good out of it. Sorry for my optimistic views

Having recently lost my father to cancer, I can tell you this from experience. It will get worse before it gets better, but as long as you keep going and never give up, it WILL get better. Much love, and best of luck OP.

Mysterious_one 26

Well.. Worst part of cancer.. Is the chemotherapy.. Which is more painful than the cancer it self.. If he go thru it and take the pain.. He will get better

Why would anyone hit you deserve it no one deserves that....

christinamarie17 29

Well, the people who chain smoke, get cancer, then continue to smoke kind of deserve it. Not saying that's the case with OP (and by the way sorry for your situation OP) but those people, they kind of deserve it.

#18 No one deserves cancer. Not even chain smokers, why would you think that?

It's probably people on mobile that hit it accidentally. I've done that a few times unfortunately

askullnamedbilly 33

Gonna get a lot of down votes for this, but I did. Not because anyone deserves cancer, but because if you lose a lot of weight without changing anything about your habits and DON'T immediately go see a doctor, you should really reevaluate your priorities.

If she didn't see a doctor, she wouldn't have been diagnosed.

countryb_cth 38

@45 did you ever think that OP was really busy and didn't notice she lost any weight until now? It can happen if you don't pay attention. Also if you knew your comment was going to get down voted why did you even bother posting it?

Oh no! That's terrible news! Have a speedy recovery!

Alup132 22

Speedy wasn't necessary. Have a recovery.