By rcarn - 12/06/2015 14:25 - United States - Leesburg

Today, my friends decided to throw a going away party because I'm moving. It would have been great if I had actually been invited. FML
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I feel like this has happened to way too many people..

In your new town, you get to start anew. Keep an open mind and enjoy the new experiences. I hope it's better than where you are now. Good luck!


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We may never know, because OP wasnt there...

y is #1 down voted i think it's funny !!

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#34 Because the comment doesn't make sense. And how is it funny?

And on FML, you NEVER do something as stupid as use "y" instead of the actual word.

#43 who gives a shit about good sense , we r here 4 fun !! and u #47 go kill yourself with your stupid grammar .

Well then its a good thing youre going away.

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What a moving sentiment, humans are amazing.

Don't worry about it i'm rarely invited to the parties at my house my friends just show up. And I own the house

#4, So you just let a bunch of people in your house and let them party away?

When I say not invited I mean not informed until ppl show up

Did they at least give u a piece of cake ? ;oo

It could be they just forgot to invite her. One person thought the other person was inviting op and the other person assumed the other person was, etc. I hope this was the case and they didn't just do it on purpose.

Maybe it was a she's finally moving party.

You should throw a 'Get Bent' party and make sure they are all invited.

I feel like this has happened to way too many people..

You're right. I've read similar FML's a couple times now.

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Fly op hope you decide to throw a party celebrating that you don't have to see them

It sounds like they threw the party because they where excited you where leaving. Some friends Huh