By mugres22 - United States - Pacoima
Today, while in the restroom washing my hands, a girl decided to let one rip while in the stall. When she came out she gave me a dirty look of disgust and said, "At least wait until I leave." She and I were the only ones in the restroom. FML
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By  purebliss_fml  |  19

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  random_stuff  |  15

I don't get why this has so many down votes! I mean, with the ghost part, it was pretty obviously a joke. As a girl, I found this pretty damn hysterical.

And everyone knows that girls don't fart, but they release rainbows of happiness and, as already pointed out, drama. :D

By  chaxandgoods  |  9

HEH HEH HEH.... let one 'rip'... RIP is rest in peace.... there was a someone who died in the bathroom..
or maybe the girl was playing a trick on you....