By Fatty - 28/12/2011 07:57 - United States

Today, I found out that I've been using a "Trick Scale" that my family bought to boost my self esteem so I'd think I was losing weight. I found this out at my physical, where I learned I have actually gained ten pounds. FML
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so by trying boost op's self confidence they caused op to gain weight which probably is bad for his confidence....nice going!

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There are better ways of boosting someone's confidence, without tricking them. Obviously OP's family didn't put much thought into this plan...

Look if you're fat, make a schedule for exercising. Is that fucken hard to do?

maybe it's OP's family's way of showing that thety don't care about how she looks

You'd think it would click when they haven't changed their diet or worked out an yet their weight was dropping...'re *....grammar nazis are out early, anything else der Fuhrer ?

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I don't think he needs to be corrected twice.

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21 - an ellipsis consists of 3 dots or 3 dots and a comma The most common form of an ellipsis is a row of three periods or full stops (...) or a pre-composed triple-dot glyph (…). The usage of the em dash (—) can overlap the usage of the ellipsis.

It doesn't say that they haven't changed their diet or been exercising. It is possible that the OP is actively trying to lose weight but their technique isn't working, something they could have found out on a normal scale. It's a simple fact that not all diet changes work for everyone.

Don't understand why people are so obsessed with weight anyway, they should be more concerned with how much fat is in their bodies because it weighs less than muscle.

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Don't forget the capitalizing the first letter of a sentence and ending it with a period or exclamation mark.

How am I "a ass"? Look at O.P's post name. Cry less guize.

Hey, that sucks but at least your family seems to care about you unlike other FMLs similar to this.

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Care? If they cared they'd boost OP's self esteem by helping them keep a steady diet and they'd support OP's new exercise routines. Not let OP gain weight, stay unhealthy, while they lie to OP. No. That's not caring.

30, Of course it's caring. Maybe it wasn't very helpful, but them doing anything at all shows that they do in fact care for OP.

Well that plan sort of backfired! Way to go OP's family!

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Well why didn't you figure it out when you must not have been exercising or eating less junk food, yet you still seemed to have lost weight? It doesn't add up right..

But your parents a "trick condom" with microscopic holes on it.

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dad- "goddamit Loraine, where did you get this condom with holes in it? now we're going to have another kid. and we already got a little thieving turd already. now we have two mistakes!!" op- *cries*

How could you not know you gained weight? 10lbs is a lot (depending on your frame). Tighter clothes should have hinted you off.

Notice how she said "depending on your frame".

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They're not helping you by lying to you