By brittrod - 05/12/2011 01:13 - United States

Today, when my mother-in-law told me I was losing weight, my husband started laughing. FML
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ghm1234 0

How rude. ( full house: stephanie tanner voice )

flockz 19

sit on him and eat a double bacon cheeseburger.


n_epic_fail 14

So punish him with no sex.... For a month. That'll change him.

kbtoyz69 9

just keep making him all kinds of fattening dinners, and work out alot. then 3months later you'll get the last laugh ;)

enonymous 8

10 won't work... he's already married.

ghm1234 0

How rude. ( full house: stephanie tanner voice )

ninjuh_wingman 29

Shouldnt it be your mother-in-law laughing at you rather than your husband?

Why would she compliment OP then laugh at her?

Not all mother-in-laws are rude to the wives. Lots have fantastic relationships.

Be sure and tell your mother-in-law that she's really not very funny. Your husband was just being nice.

...What? You DO realize that it was the husband that laughed at the thought of OP losing weight and the mother-in-law was the one being nice, right?

Oh no! Dear me, I guess I should've read the FML a little more thoroughly and thought it all through before posting. Good thing I didn't post it like that on purpose, otherwise your comment would be rather unnecessary.

Oooh damn, probs just the muscle your gaining compare to fat ;) hahaha

j_neee17 0

What a jerk . You should deprive him of sex that'll teach'em a lesson

lol i agree hes a complete dick, but that doesnt work on everyone. xD thats more of a stereotype. like saying women should be chained to the stove, with just enough slack to reach the bedroom because those are the only two places their rib stealing gender are worth a damn. *said in tucker max voice* xD however, i do think she needs to find someone new, cause she probably doesnt deserve that.

Angelice_fml 0
flockz 19

sit on him and eat a double bacon cheeseburger.

quimbi 3

bad idea flockz, I think face sitting will only make him laugh harder when he finds she tastes like a cheeseburger

flockz 19

i meant sit on his skinny ass and suffocate him, but a cheeseburger ****** sounds rather delightful. makes me hungry.

herpitydurteedur 0

I'm straight and that would make me wanna nom some ****** XD

rawrabby 0