By wormsick - United States
Today, I found out my diet and exercise plan wasn't nearly as effective when it comes to weight loss as I had originally thought. It turns out what really accounts for all the weight I've been losing is tape worms. FML
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  The_Pleb  |  0

Cool, now i can eat bucket loads of chocolate and cakes and never put on the pounds

Does this meen i wont be able to shit no more?

Nevertheless whenever i feel angry i could always down some washing up liquid and bionic tuna, and then listen to the worm cry and moan inside my intestines

Unfortunately if you feed it a lot it could grow 37 feet inside your body in which youd have to pull it out of your mouth or your butt, but dont cut it up cause itll grow another head

O and if your a whale it can grow to 120 foot so beware whales

Thankyou for your time

P.S if i new my girl had tapeworms to make her slim as a stick, id find that really sexy, although i couldnt do anal, because apparently these parasites can get up your dingaling =S

  saviisneat  |  0

She won't die o.O If you catch it then you can just take a simple de-wormer and poop it all out. It might take a while since they break off in segments. Flat worms are the most common. Dogs and puppies get them ALL the time. You get it by simply swallowing a flea. It could happen to anyone. De-wormer and your fixed.

  Reyo  |  2

As "icky" as it is to have worms in your intestines, having a tapeworm in your body is actually a very effective weight loss technique. You don't end up malnurished since you're eating. What happens is not all of the food is processed so you don't absorb all of the fats and calories. You could eat an entire chocolate cake and it'd only be like eating one or two peices. So OP, this might be my inner guy talking, but you are one lucky son of a beach. I'd kill to be in your situation.

And no, tapeworms don't kill you. It's a symbiotic relationsip where both you and the worm benefit. If I had one, I'd name it Larry...just sayen.

  Reyo  |  2

Correction: SOME of the nutrients you need. If the thing was sapping her, then it'd be a cause for trouble, but all it's doing is taking some of the nutrients AS WELL AS the fats/cholesterol. No matter what the relationship is called, the OP is now in a situation where she can eat all she wants and not gain as much weight. Sure, if you stop eating all together, the worm will keep eating, but then you'd deserve it for not eating. Unless the OP becomes homeless anytime soon, she's in a pretty good situation.

  dvd175  |  5

its not really a mutualistic relationship...its more parasitic.. you can starve with a tapeworm, and it can spread to other parts of your body such as the muscle or liver and cause deseases

  Reyo  |  2

It can, but as of now the only symptom is weight loss, which isn't realy "OMFG IMA DIE IN A FIRE" worthy. If she eats, she'll be fine. If further symptoms come up, then she should get it removed. This is just what I would do. If she wants to remove it, then she can.

And happyvalleygirl, do you say that at every instance where you don't agree with someone's opnion, but are too lazy to actually come up with an argument, or is what we have here special?

  marz88  |  0

Symbiotic relationship my ass. Have you ever taken a parasitology course?

Most common human tapeworms.

  capthavoc123  |  0

Because A) using a parasite to lose weight is a dangerously retarded idea and B) if you limit the tapeworm's growth, all it will do is stay the same size and no weight loss will occur because it's not taking in enough nutrients.

  saviisneat  |  0

to #42, yea you CAN get it from swallowing a flea. My doctor and I were discussing this. My dog recently had flatworms in his poop. Flat worms are basically segments of the long tapeworm. He got it from eating his fleas when he was a puppy. He took a de-wormer and he was fine. If you eat a segment of the worm or you swallow a flea then you can get worms. I am 100% correct. You COULD get it from uncooked food as well. Please don't speak if you don't know what you are talking about.

By  aiaiai_fml  |  0

They did this in the 1800's before people began dying, because they had no nutriments left.
Saw it a couple of weeks ago on History Channel
Also, it was on Urban Legends as a "fake legend",
if it's true, you make be stick thin, but be prepared to die.

  Reyo  |  2

She won't die if she eats. Too many people think "OH noez ima die from teh worm". The worm doesn't eat ALL of the food, just some of it, so you can live a healthy live with it inside of you. All the OP needs to do is keep eating...and isn't that a situation 90% of the country would kill to be in?

By  lorax101  |  10

I think in the early 1900s and earlier tapeworms were actually advertised for weight loss... Ha! I googled it and found this :-D

BTW, FYL, but it's not thattt bad... I think it's gonna be even more FYL when you're doing the treatment to get rid of them. If it's anything like dogs with worms... Well, having tapeworms sounds a lot less gross than getting rid of them I think

  NE7SSIE  |  2

You get rid of them by drinking some stuff and 'shitting' them out I think. They gotta pull the worm out of your ass. If not, then they gonna cut you open. That's what I know from my family members.

  Subtext  |  10

That's exactly what a tapeworm does. But you're right, there are worse ones. Hookworms for example (yes, it is as bad as it sounds) - they live in your intestines and feed on your blood. If you're not careful, you might actually die because of blood loss...

One way to get them would be for example shitting in the woods. So don't be naughty and use the potty, children!