By Anonymous - 17/10/2015 12:29 - Australia - Surry Hills

Today, I finally found out why my new co-worker has been shooting me dirty looks, being rude to me, and generally trying to avoid me. It's because I have blonde hair and blue eyes, and she thinks people like me are Nazis. FML
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justcommenting19 19

Wait, we're not?

That is unfortunate, but maybe you can have fun with it if there is no convincing them other wise.


Mr_Guy_Dude 17

How did you find that out?

friedpwnadge 25

Maybe it was the cries of "you bastard, you advocate the death of Jews, you sick blonde blue-eyed fiend!" that tipped OP off.

Lol I'm curious too. Like did the coworker just tell her or tell someone else

That is unfortunate, but maybe you can have fun with it if there is no convincing them other wise.

"I've told you I'm not a nazi at least nein times now, if you don't believe me I'll have to report you to the fuehrer"

tantanpanda 26

Whenever OP sees her in private, he could raise his hands and salute.

Plot twist, the coworker is the actual Nazi. I did Nazi that coming.

justcommenting19 19

Wait, we're not?

BeautifulChaos27 37

Shhh! Don't tell them about our secret club!

we must keep the organization a secret

I'm wondering how you found that out.

sylvienoir 18

Shit, she's onto us.

1bj1234 12

I bet you did Nazi that coming.

You forgot "I bet Jew"

Wow. The level of stupidity is over 9000.

Why did you pick 9000 out of all the numbers you could have picked? I mean even 10k sorta makes sense

Because nein thousand sounds better!

spacefish966 18


What 9000 that's impossible?!!?

@18 It's a meme. That's why he chose 9000.

A very old meme, it's shameful, he should hand in his license to meme. All your meme licences are belong to us.

Apparently #18 has never watched DragonBall Z.

I'd almost say the stupidity is over 6 million.

#36 shit, my bad

That's the price you pay for being the supreme race..... Apparently.

Tell her you're Jewish.

Why not just tell her "I am not a Nazi"? No sense in lying when telling the truth would be more effective

Wear a KISS shirt...