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By  BeautyAndBrains  |  0

Okay, those of you saying that she is wrong, she was trying to COMPLIMENT him. She has every right to talk to a customer and be friendly, and most people would like to hear something like this. She had no way of knowing that this customer was sick.

  Sootie247  |  12

Your actually retarded. No one should want or deserve cancer.. Do you know how terrible it is? 8/10 times it kills people, and it is horrible to go through with the radiation and needles. Your basically saying you want to die.if you want to die, i'll run you over in a truck, please? You sick person. My dad smokes and he hasn't got cancer neither has my grandma's. So your wrong, let me know if i can run you over with a truck. Cancer's horrible to have, you should definitely not wish for it, definitely when overs would dream to have a life like you or me.. Think what you have.

By  redonkulon  |  2

I don't understand people who think 'their' life is fuct when someone ELSE gets cancer. That person's life may or may not be depending on remission status. So many cancer survivors these days. Good for them.